Diana Bush

Jul 2004

HORRIBLE! Diana is the worst teacher I've ever had at Columbia. She did not know how to teach the material to her students at all, even though she was clearly enthusiastic about it. The most painful class I've ever taken. The readings had nothing to do with anything. She gave lots of wrong information during the semester (for example, when she made reference to the 7 books of Moses--any mildly educated person knows there's only 5) and would ask questions to try to get us to think about the material and when no one would answer she'd respond "yeah, that's a pretty hard question. i dont really know the answer either." A total ditz and shouldnt be allowed to teach art hum.

Dec 2002

You have to absolutely take Art hum with Diana. THere is definitely no better instructor out there for this course. She is extremely energetic and very passionate about what she teaches (especially twentieth century art). She is a very decent grader. She even will let you tweek her assignments if you don't feel too strongly about any of the pieces the art hum board decides you should write about. Diana is always willing to work with students outside of class and often returns quite lengthy e-mail responses to any questions or concerns about the class. She made me become an Art History major and has done the same to several other people I have met. Simply the best. She is one of the reasons I'm glad I have not transferred out of here.

Aug 2002

No, no, and once again no. Yes, she is a very nice lady, but horrible as a teacher. Her frequent "hard to know" and student centered method of teaching makes her seem like one of the students rather than a teacher. I learned absolutely nothing in this class with the exception of the titles and names of some artists. The reading she assigns has nothing to do with anything she teaches and is not necessary, unless you want to read the material just for your own knowledge since some of it is actually pretty interesting. Her grading of papers is horrible. She rarely comments on your writing and when you get a 79 with a C+ written in paranthesis next to it, and your friend gets an 80 with a B- written next to it, you wonder what that one point (and one whole grade) difference was when neither of your papers has comments on it. The good side to her is that if you want to talk to her about your paper or about the tests, or anything at all for that matter, she is very approachable and will spend as much time as you need to make sure your questions and concerns will get answered. She does have the power trip of a Graduate Art Student (which is what I think she is) in the sense that she expects you to identify exaclty what she is thinking off in your paper, the way you would in a PhD paper and that our love for art history should make this easy for us. What she forgets is that many of us are not in the class by choice, but rather by requirement. She is also big on museum visits which is fun.

Apr 2002

Diana was an excellent teacher. She was extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She was also very accessible outside of class, often returning lengthy email responses to questions. She was very skillful in encouraging discussions in class and receptive to new ideas. The only catch was that she talked really fast and the poor acoustics in the room that I took the class in made it difficult to understand her at first--but you'll get used to it. Diana's passion for art was obvious and contagious. I eagerly recommend Diana to anyone interested in learning about art and getting the most out of art hum.