Ari Borrell

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Aug 2004

Under Prof. Borrell's instruction, the class was truly an eye- opening experience. Professor Borrell is obviously passionate about the subject and has a good sense of humor, which helped the two hour seminar class fly by. And although he often worries he is talking too much, Prof. Borrell actually conducts the class as a discussion loosly based on weekly questions about the readings. He only pipes in to correct or add something that is truly helpful to the understanding of the texts and concepts.

Jan 2003

Nice guy and down to earth. The class is fun under his intruction, however, he's not very knowledgeable on the things he teachers. He constantly brings any topic back to Buddhism (seemingly his expertise), but sadly this is not a Buddhism class. His knowledge of Chinese society during the time periods of the readings is minimal. He is very apprachoable, but getting an A in this class is not easy at all. He likes people to talk so if you are not a talker, this class won't be an A for you. The readings are good and so is the workload, but hes not a strong enough academic on a course covering such vast resources (but then again who really is?).

Apr 2002

Good teacher, down to earth, concise, lets the students run the class when they can, takes over when he needs to.