Brian Seibert

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2003

Brian Seibert is an amazing teacher! University Writing sucks like no other, but he made it tolerable. Brian is funny, smart, and incredibly nice. The class involves a lot of stupid activities, and he laughed with us about how dumb some of it was. He puts alot of time into making helpful comments on one's papers, and seemed to genuinely want to help everyone in the class become a better writer. In addition, I respected him because he is a writer himself, having written for the Village Voice, the New Yorker, and probably others. If you get him, rejoice!

May 2002

A great L&R teacher if you put enough effort into his class. His classes can actually be fun, and he has a great sense of humor and a good skill for fostering interesting discussion among the students. His grading of assignments is, as someone said above, intense. Expect each one of your papers to be almost entirely red from his markups, and each returned paper is accompanied by a full paragraph of critiques. Don't worry too much — his comments are almost always very helpful. Your writing will probably improve a great deal if you can forget your ego and a perpetual A average and take his frank criticisms in stride.

Apr 2002

Seibert's voice sounds like the teacher's voice from the old MTV cartoon Daria. This grated on some of my classmates, but didn't bother me. I had heard nightmares about L&R, but my experience with it was great. Seibert is intense in his critique of the assignments, but it's worthwhile and he grades people not on their ability to write, but on their willingness to work at it. He takes the time to actually make the assignments interesting, gives you leeway on the topics, and, once you've written them, he does a good job marking up your paper and gives you a typed summary of what he thinks. He's also, incidentally, brilliant.