Paul Currie

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

May 2006

Professor Currie was a laid-back teacher who taught the material well and let us out early almost every class. My only problem with this class was that it was at 6:10 at night. If you study the slides you will do just fine on the tests- most of the questions from the test were straight from the slides- book is not so imporant. You can study the night before and still get an A on the test- and he curves if necessary- one test he added 7 points to everyone's tests. If you study youll get an A.

May 2006

Previous reviews have been way too harsh. You tottaly do not have to go to class ever considering that the lecture material is all posted on courseworks. As long as you memorize every word of those slides, you will do fine on the test. Don't even bother with the textbook ( a huge relief considering the millions of extra details that could be covered if the textbook material was on the exams). Getting an A in this class is not nearly as hard as some make it out to be-just know the slides and you will definately do fine.

Jan 2006

Prof Currie taught well, laid back, and easily approachable. He "outsourced" the teaching of some of the major topics of the class to the students via a give-a-presentation-every-week method. Some presentations sucked, obviously put together last minute, others had substance and were informative. Each student on average gave three presentations throughout the course of the semester The class focuses on substances of abuse and their basic pharmacology. I learned quite a bit and enjoyed the class.

Aug 2005

this class is hard. prof currie really can be entertaining when he wants to be and the stuff you learn is really interesting. really really interesting. you may go home and be all about "wanna know something cool i learned today??" with your friends. you may study your ass off and do really well on your first exam. you may also continue to study your ass off and get a C+ in the class. just be warned.

Apr 2004

I loved this course. If you keep up with the material it's challenging but EXTREMELY interesting. Professor Currie is very fair and makes the material understandable. This course is definitely not an easy A. but if you get an A you know you deserved it.

Aug 2003

This is a very difficult class if you have never taken Biology or a lot of other psych courses. It is a lot of memorization of specific details, and he assumes you have a large background in bio, especially for the first exam. The exams are all T/F, mult choice, and fill in the blanks, with maybe a diagram if you are lucky. If you are good at these types of tests, go for it, but if you are looking for a chance to show him how much you know, its not gonna happen. All the exam material comes from the lectures, which are all power point. Don't bother with the book, don't even buy it, the only time he ever mentions it is to tell us when it is wrong. All in all, if you are willing to put in the time to memorize his lectures, the tests aren't that difficult, but are tricky, so watch out. He is a cool guy but can be kinda mean sometimes, so watch out. People tend to come out of it with A's and B's. Don't take it unless you are a psych, neuro, or bio major, because it isn't the most enjoyable class to go to. *Those who took this class with lab did much better in the class and seemed to enjoy it more, because they complement each other well. If you want to take the class, wait until you can get into the lab too!

May 2003

In contrast to previous reviews, I found the class to to be incredibly dense and hard. There is a -lot- of material. For a non-neuroscience major, there are sure many other courses that have lighter workloads. The exams are detailed (or as some would say, tricky). Regardless of what anyone says, asking about a specific drug and its specific recepter when you need to memorize about ten other drugs all of different combinations is difficult, especially if you are taking other priority courses. Prof Currie can sometimes be a jerk, but for the most part seems approachable. Prof Taylor may seem intimidating at first for lab, but she is very patient, and you'll find yourself grateful for your lab grade as it'll often boost your lecture grade (that is, if you spent any time listening to her directions on how to write the labs).

May 2002

Yes, he's generally entertaining and enthusiastic. But a word of caution: Never approach him to dispute your test results at the end of office hours--by then he's in a bitchy mood and will bite your head off.

May 2002

Prof. Currie rocks! He loves what he teaches and the tests are really easy. And, he has to be the Most approachable professor I've ever met. He's willing to talk and spend time with you.