Miranda Lundskaer-Nielsen

Apr 2003

Admittedly, I hated L&R while I was taking it. When I had to draw physics diagrams with projectiles, I made sure to draw her head at the trajectory (and made the projectile some violent weapon). She's a stickler for administrivia-- whines if you're late, wants your paper stapled and formatted a certain way, etc. She also is not very kind to you if you accidentally doze off. However, she does try to keep the class light by being cheerful most of the time (you can tell when she's PMSing), and the discussions are rather interesting. Her criticism is helpful, and she's actually friendly. While taking the class, I would have told anyone to run far, far away. However, looking back on the experience, I think I had a better experience than most people. She's a pleasant teacher, I'd recommend her. If you find yourself disliking L&R, then it's because the class sucks, not the professor.

May 2002

Miranda is a very good teacher even though many people thought she was a bitch. She may have come off as being very uptight about rules and regulations, but I felt that she was doing the best she could to make an interesting class without throwing the syllabus to the wind. Her grading was very fair.