Marco Jacquemet

May 2002

He is very friendly, always enthusiastic, and approachable. There is a LOT of reading--keep up! He loves student participation in class (unlike many profs). A great class overall! Lecture attendance is necessary to do well in the course, but the lectures are fun.

Sep 2001

This guy is smart! Professor Jacquemet is very interesting if you get to know him (take a seminar class), but you might be put off at first by his formality. His classes are well organized and right on target. There's a lot of reading, most of which you should read pretty well if you want to be able to talk intelligently in class. Jacquemet's very eager to hear about student's own linguistic experiences, so come with stories. He's a nice guy and a very good teacher if you can get over his European-academia air. Really gives you a feel for his own field work without obsessing over it. You will learn a lot!