Alan Dye

Dec 2020

I had never taken an econ course before and I'm very much not a math student so I was nervous about taking this, but I can attest to the fact that this course is very beginner-friendly. I thought Professor Dye was amazing at explaining concepts in a way that I could understand and his PowerPoints were detailed and clear. He doesn't cold call people, which is a major plus for me and he is clearly very passionate about what he does, which translates into his giving interesting and engaging lectures. When we were launched into the pandemic he tweaked his class so that it would be relevant to the state of the world. He talked about supply and demand for masks and respirators and the federal government's economic relief package. It was a pleasure to take his class, as I was only trying to fulfill a gen ed requirement but ended up developing an interest in econ. I would highly recommend this class and this professor!

Mar 2020

DO NOT. I repeat. DO NOT. take this class. I ignored the bottom two review because I thought there was no way he could be this bad. But get ready to fail if you don't do everything according to HIS way. He grades everything to the minuscule and extremely harsh when grading. He seems like a nice guy at first (through his emails) but you slowly realise that he does not have any human empathy and will not help you when you need it IF YOU DON'T DO THINGS EXACTLY ACCORDING TO WHAT HE WANTS. (by exactly i mean he might as well do his own write up and you copy and paste and change the numbers). If you still decide to take this class, good luck.

Jan 2020

Alan Dye is the most apathetic professor I've ever met. In general, he comes across as someone who struggles to make basic connections with other people. If you're good at Excel already, and you have a high tolerance for incompetent lecturers and can show up to every class (because he takes attendance every single class, and it is impossible to get him to excuse any reasonable excuse for absence), this class might work for you but just be aware that you will learn nothing and will be miserable.

Nov 2019

Alan has zero interpersonal skills and generally seems to struggle with basic empathy. Just avoid him. If you're an economic history major at Barnard and required to deal with him, the trick is to BREATHE every time he seems to have a hard time understanding that just came out of your mouth. This man is my advisor and lowkey just signed me up for Measuring History as a "soft filler" for my lower-level elective. Measuring History was the most gruesome experience of my life, not because it was hard (it was very easy, especially if you already know Excel), but because it was during my dinner time and this man DOES NOT know how to teach Excel. We usually spend the first half of the class dealing with technical difficulties (that I think most people in the class knew how to deal with but just did not care enough to help him with). Alan is also one of the select few professors that will literally go through the sign-in sheets, name by name, at the end of every single class. Even knowing that sometimes after a month or two, I decided to skip some classes to just enjoy the mental break from Alan. People generally do well in the class, and you still might take away some useful Excel skills to do social science research with. But I sincerely believe that there are better ways to attain those skills than to take this class.

Apr 2019

Okay so Alan Dye is the most obnoxious, chauvinistic, rude, arrogant professor on earth. I have a friend who was dealing with severe personal issues and the way in which he spoke to her was downright inappropriate not to mention he got pulled up by public safety. He needs serious help and I think he suffers from some kind of male gender complex whereby he hates all women. Female students avoid any interaction with him! Have heard he's got some major personal issues (spinster at this age, you know the drill) which he unfairly unloads onto all women. Pity he teaches at Barnard which is all about girl power With all the respect in the world, look in the mirror Alan Dye, before you speak. Lol. And its not just that he's an ass, he's also clearly a shit teacher going by the reviews on here. Have heard he falls asleep whilst lecturing and has severe body odour (not a nice touch when conducting office hours), I guess old age catches up with you if that bald head didn't give it away.

Dec 2017

margot robbie in a bathtub would have done a better job of explaining 17th and 18th central financial structures than this man

Dec 2017

Professor Dye is pretty hard to follow during classes, as his lectures tend to be disorganized, but he's really great at helping with papers during office hours. His excel spreadsheet assignments are kind of dumb but manageable. It's a really interesting subject and he gives a good idea of what will be on them ahead of time.

Jan 2010

Oh Professor Dye. He insists on teaching this class at 9 AM, which basically means that about half the class shows up to lecture every week. The sad part is that lecture is REALLY important in this class. The readings are long, but they were usually pretty interesting, except for everything we had to read about agriculture during the industrial revolution. I don't know why anyone would take this class unless they really really had to (it's a requirement for majors). The course-load was pretty large for a 2000-level class and most of the people in the class didn't really know how to prepare for his exams, so there was a nice curve, which was kind of him. In general, Professor Dye is really nice and when he finally responds to your e-mails, he has no problem meeting with you to discuss any questions you might have from class. As long as you go to class most of the time and do the readings at some point before exams, you're good to go. The final paper is a huge pain in the butt, but it only counts towards 15% of your grade, so it's not so awful, as long as you do well on the midterm and the final, which are each worth A LOT.

May 2009

Alan Dye definitely knows his stuff but has no idea how to communicate that to his students. This class was horribly boring and structured poorly. Most people rarely attended lecture. The grading was also pretty harsh and very subjective. The idea was the better you knew the professor, the better you did in the class. He ultimately turned a subject that is very simple and interesting into something very complex, difficult, and boring.

Apr 2009

STEER CLEAR OF THIS DISASTER! He knows his stuff, that is for sure, but listening to his lecture is pure torture. He is extremely boring. The man also gives off this nervous energy which is enough to make anyone jumpy. He seems so uncomfortable in front of the classroom- like its his first day teaching. His nervousness and inability to engage the class make for one bad combo. Additionally, he is impossible to get a hold off. Never answers emails, office hours are overbooked and he can't seem to keep anything straight. Do yourself a favor and avoid this mess!!!

Dec 2005

Prof. Dye is not an exciting fellow, and he is definately not here to entertian, BUT he knows his stuff ! He is extremely proficient in economic theory and does a really good job in conveying the material. Some have accused him of being a bit pedantic in his approach, but it works because he lectures with the assumption that the material is unfamiliar to all students. He is very accessible after class and goes out of his way to help and offer suggestions. he is fair in his grading and very approachable if you have concerns or do not agree with him. If you want personality and entertianment go take a class with Dalton or Josh Whitford, but if you want a serious and meticulous unpacking on a topic in ecinomics, take this class.

Nov 2005

If you are not an Econ major, seriously consider not taking this class. It is exactly what he says; the first half is heavy on the economics (theory, principles and diagrams) and the second half is more about land distribution, country studies and more historical economic themes. However, it is boring. He speaks fast, non-stop for the entire class, no jokes, no real discussion....if you love the subject and know somethng about economics, take it...but the proffessor adds nothing to the course and is pretty dull.

Jan 2005

This class focused on Latin American history and was fascinating as an intro to the field of economics. If you are someone interested in the practical impact of economic theory on history, but turned off by formulas and theory divorced from history, this class is a great way to get it. Lectures could have been more interactive and/or dynamic, but I ultimately learned a great deal about history and economic theory... and didn't ever have to do any math! Professor Dye is knowledgeable if not exciting and is extremely helpful in one-on-one meetings. He also clearly cares about this class and enjoys the mix of econ. and non-econ. majors in his classroom. Both can do well in his class. I did, and the last time I took econ. was when I slept through it in 10th grade.

Jun 2004

The material taught in this class is decent, but Dye's boring, boring, boring!!! and the class is at 9:00 in the morning!!! half of the class dropped this course after the midterm! probably only 1/4 of the class actually attended the lectures!

Apr 2004

Super nervous, grips his bottle of juice for dear life during lectures. The material is pretty interesting, especially if you want to learn about corporate management (i.e., incentive plans, transaction costs, organizational structure). To do well - make sure you read the Harvard B-school case studies and keep up with the terms (which are all defined in his slides).

Nov 2003

good. he's not the best teacher in the classroom (you need to bring coffee) BUT he really knows his stuff and loves it. if you can schedule office hours with him, go for it ! (you will actually get so much out of him then) . he's readily available and honest. i would recommend taking his class. levels varied widely in the class but it doesn't matter, you still need to read because it's "TOPICS in econ hist"

Aug 2002

He's a nervous little guy, but a good teacher and super nice. His lecturing style isn't exactly riveting, but he knows his shit. He's really accessible too, so if you've got questions about the material, he'll be there to answer them for you. Personally, I recommend taking a class with him; in general, I'd say he's one of the better econ professors at Columbia.

Aug 2002

Took his intermediate micro class. it was confusing but he curves. he follows the same logic here. he curves ! he's a nice professor. but kinda boring. the reading material isn't so bad. it's pretty interesting and it helps that every class he has handouts about his lectures. it outlines basics and has the usual graph or two. it's a pretty easy a. don't be scared away by the workload. read ocassionally (like for teh book report and harvard business studies), study up vocab, and pay attention in class= instant a. (ps-make sure you cite EVERYTHING in your group paper. he's a stickler !)

May 2002

This class was great! Take it if you want an easy A. Professor Dye hands out typed notes every class and the midterm and final were based on these handouts. To top it all off, Professor Dye is very flexable, so can basically negotiate anywork load or quiz questions you want.