John Brown

Sep 2002

TERRIBLE teacher. Narrow-minded, arrogant, rude. Talks about all he knows, what he thinks, what he thinks you should think, what he thinks you should write, what he thinks you are capable of writing. Already has preconceived opinions about his students. By far the WORST class I have ever taken here at Columbia. Thank goodness he's a visiting professor. I would be ashamed if he was a tenured professor in the English department.

May 2002

Avoid taking a class with this man! He is awful! Everybody in the class hated him.

May 2002

This is the worst professor I have ever had at columbia. He is arrogant, and does not help students at all. Don't be fooled by his nice demeaner the first class. He acts like he cares about his students. He also has a trick of not grading anything till after the drop date, when students are stuck in his class. He almost never gives A's on papers, is extreamely critical of other people's writing, yet you use his book which is written terribly by anyone's standard. I can honestly say that taking this class is one of the biggest regrets of my life.