Max Kramer

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2006

nice, funny guy, knows his stuff, good teacher, not too strict.

May 2002

Max is easily the best French teacher I've had at Columbia - he's funny, and really really smart (knows like german, spanish, latin, english, and french). He holds class in such a way that it's impossible not to have fun. I honestly looked forward to having class with him. He's really easy to understand, which was nice especially in the beginning of the semester. If you can take him for anything, do it! he also teachs in the german department. take a class with him! you won't regret it!

May 2002

Max is one of the most fun teachers I've ever had! I had him for French grammer and composition, which doesn't cover the most exciting material, but I always laughed through half of it. If you appreciate that special European wit and a teaching style that's not exactly warm and fuzzy, he's the guy for you. He teaches different classes every semester, but they're all sure to be worthwhile and full of interesting conversation.