Laura Neitzel

Dec 2019

Inquiries into an Interconnected World (the fall Global Thought seminar) made all these big, nebulous terms (i.e. globalization, temporalities, migration etc.) much much more real for me. This course was a well-designed and engaging way to talk about very real forces shaping the modern world as we live it today. Prof. Neitzel is a master facilitator of discussions, and designed the class in a flexible design-driven way that can evolve as it goes toward the questions students are most interested in. Easily the greatest moment of this seminar was when Prof. Neitzel took us on a food walking tour of Jackson Heights, the most global neighborhood in the world. Between the momos, samosas, taco trucks, and Pakistani sweets, that day in Queens was one of the most memorable and tastiest experiences of all undergrad for me.