Ron Prywes

Jun 2012

Definitely take this class. Prywes and Songtao both teach Molecular Biology similar to the way Stockwell/Tong teach it. Prywes is a better teacher than Songtao, but he likes to write on the board a lot and his tests are harder, but it's all curved in the end extremely extremely generously. Remember, Prywes and Songtao both test on designing experiments and understanding scientific papers rather than memorization from the book. Anyway, Molecular Biology is an entirely different experience from other science classes, so it's a nice break. The curve to this class is between B+ and A- so it's a very high mean grade.

Nov 2011

Just say no. This man cannot organize lectures, is not well versed in modern biology techniques and is not helpful inside or out of class. He seems like a very nice person, but I was completely disappointed in him as a lecturer. If you have to take Molecular Biology for the Biochemistry major (like me) - I wish you the best. Be prepared for ridiculous exams and painful lecture. If Molecular Biology is optional for you, steer clear. I am writing this review hopefully in time before others chose this class - I was just made aware that Prywes didn't have a review. I wrote him a really, really, long CourseWorks review last semester - I wish I still had it saved somewhere!