Audrey Minden

May 2005

The previous reviews are slightly harsh, granted the class is quite boring when she teaches, but I thought she explained the material thoroughly. I didn't buy the book (totally unnecessary to have it), so I don't know if she taught right out of it, but the only stuff that she put on tests came from lecture. If you take diligent notes in class, it's an easy A. She only taught the first half of the class this yr, and I did much much better on her exams than Chloe Bulinksi's (although Prof. Bulinski is ALOT more entertaining and engaging).

Mar 2005

Audrey Minden makes cell biology far more difficult and frustrating than it needs to be because of her lack of interest in the class and competence as an instructor. By difficult, I mean her lectures are simply slides of pictures out of the book, which she comments on exactly in the same way as the book (does she literally read out of the book in class? we thought so), rarely providing additional commentary or explanation than the text. This makes each lecture feel rediculously fragmented and she in no way ties the information from a lecture together to provide a "bigger picture," which I think is so important in understanding biological concepts. Minden is incredibly difficult to reach outside of class and makes the material about as dry and fragmented as anyone possibly could.

Apr 2003

Incredibly boring, unorganized lectures, containing totally random, disjointed bits of information that don't seem to be connected at all to a central theme. She is totally all over the place, hard to reach outside of class, and generally does not play much of a teaching role at all, except for her high-speed, monotonous lecture delivery. Exam questions are completely unfocused and random, study well.

Jun 2002

YOU MUST ATTEND LECTURE. DON'T BUY THE BOOK. I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY THE BOOK. I hear the book can be useful when the concepts are not too clear, but she will not test you on things that she did not make very clear. I took this course 1 and 1/2 times (dropped it once because of boredom), so I would call myself an expert. This class is painfully boring. Audrey speaks in a very fast whisper. The things she tests you on are sometimes random, sheer chance whether you caught that detail and put it in your notes to memorize. Thus, study diligently. It's worth it because it seems that everyone else does, and that pushes up the curve higher than I've ever seen before. Don't freak out when you get to the 3rd midterm/final and realize you have no idea what some of the questions are asking you. Nobody else does either.

May 2002

One of the most unenthusiastic women you'll ever meet. Seems afraid to be teaching. Pretty boring lectures. Extremely straightforward material, though, and really easy exams.