Carin McLain

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2009

Because of her pop quizzes it isn't always easy to do consistently well in her class, but she's honestly one of the best professors I've had at Columbia. She is really committed to helping you during her office hours with whatever questions or concerns you have about the papers you're writing for her, and I get the feeling that she genuinely cares about her students.

Aug 2008

Carin is a nice lady with good sense of humor. She led discussions well and the course stuck to the texts so if you're looking for some lengthy talks that center on the actual syllabus material, take her class. My only complaint is that she tends to cater to the kids who think they know everything. On the plus side, that makes it easy to get good participation marks sense lots of the class is based on student input. Overall, grading wasn't too bad (B+/A- average) and course work was pretty light. Oh, and she get us 'magic lasagne' on the study sessions before finals!

Apr 2008

I love Carin! She's a great teacher, very warm and friendly. Consider yourself lucky if you get her as your teacher. Assuming you want to do the reading and participate in class, its pretty hard to get below an A- in her class. Class participation counts for 20% of your grade, and that can be a real booster. Her quizzes aren't too bad. They are not real pop quizes - she'll always warn you by sending out an email to make sure you do the reading, or space them in a certain way - you'll feel a quiz coming on. And they are not hard, skimming the reading or even sparknoting is all you really need. Also, she only counts the highest 5/6 or even 5/7. She's such a nice teacher!

Dec 2007

this class is unbearable. i am switching out. this woman is a little bipolar and she humors too many of the kids who think they know everything. you also don't ahve a midterm, btu rather a bunch of pop quizzes that take place during the semester and are added up to yield a midterm grade. definitely sucks as far as having to do all the reading. also, a midterm would ahve been more helpful so that we would have had a chance to review some of the material before the final. she did, however, make the final a bearable experience, although i will never know what i got on it since she takes a month to grade a paper, so the length of time she spends on these finals will be enormous.

May 2002

Sweet, warm, insightful, her class is a pleasure. Her paper topics and topics for postings are always interesting and aid the student in gaining a deeper understanding of the material. With her enthusiasm for and insight into the works, class discussion is generally illuminating. She may be nice, but since she (rightfully) expects you to actually do the readings, she's not afraid to give a pop quiz every now and then.