Vadim Shkolnikov

Jan 2004

Vadim lacks the enthusiams needed to make a language class interesting. He knows his Russian, but his explainations fall short of satisfying anyone with even the slightest interest in linguistics. To his credit, he does grade the homework, but his comments are not helpful. He only marks what is wrong, not why it is wrong. His classes are not worthless but there are so many better professors in the Slavic language department who are passionate about the language. If you are in his section, you may want to try shopping around a bit more.

Jun 2002

A good teacher. He's good for grammar, and is pretty clear on it himself. He speaks as a native, but teaches as an American, the best of both worlds. He's not a stickler for pronunciation but just wants you to open your mouth, but that can get difficult since he's pretty shy himself. He makes a supreme effort to improve his class continually, and takes suggestions serioulsy. He gradually incorporated more interactive learning methods-movies, tapes, radio, Tv, literature. It became really fun, and our class bonded.