Rodney Montague

Jun 2002

First, please note that Rodney is a T.A., not a professor. Nevertheless, he was certainly a pleasure to work with. He's very knowledgeable and he manages to make the somewhat hackneyed lecture topics interesting. He's a patient, fair, and understanding preceptor; he's also very considerate when it comes to student needs. I highly recommend this T.A. The class needs a little work, though. It tries to cover a little too much material. African-American History (when it was offered with Daryl Scott a few semesters ago) was taught in two semesters. This class, which tries to be a historical survey, attempts to cram 400 years of information into less than fifteen weeks. It just doesn't work. And while Manning Marable is one of the most brilliant professors at this university, he only lectures in about a third of the class. Most of the sessions are helmed by boring, boring, boring T.A.'s. I cannot remember when I saw so many people sleeping. The readings are often interesting, though, if you can get beyond the blah lectures.