Monica Gisolfi

Feb 2006

She is rude. Sure, she will tell all the things that are wrong with your work- but how to fix it? you figure that out. Drop it and take some one else. She is a worthless black mark on your transcript

May 2004

I completely agree with the previous review. Monica in my opinion, is a truly brillant professor. First, she is not bias - if you do not agree with her opinion, just substantiate it with evidence. She will not hold it against you for 'disagreeing' with her. Second, she is patient and willing to help you out with your writing, provided you are serious at all about it. I have found myself improving immensely throughout this semester. She will make every effort to go out of her way to offer pointers on how you can further improve on your writing skills. She is the type of professor that will teach you how to learn - a trait I have realized that only a dozen or so professors possess. An A in this class is not esay (but then, so is every UW class). It is only when you compare the A to the B and C essays you have written, will you recognize how far you have come in writing academic papers.

Apr 2004

Monica won't stand for your BS or your excuses, and it is for this and many other reasons that she is a wonderful instructor. She'll make you work hard. She won't dole out undue praise. But, she will sit down and talk with you about your writing, give you honest input, and always push you to produce something better than you thought was possible. She doesn't regard A's as her first born child; it's just that you actually have to earn them. And while to some, all this might make her sound like a drill sargeant, she actually has a sharp wit and friendly disposition. She tends to choose politically charged material for the readings. If you don't agree with it, don't be afraid to share your opinion. She's not going to penalize you--but she will ask you to provide the same evidence for your argument that she requires of everyone else.

Jan 2004

Lively teaching manner. Likes to involve her students. I found her knowledgeable on a number of subjects. She's very humane and not at all standoffish. Always willing to provide extra help if needed and always made herself available to her students. Good sense of humour. Kept the class flowing. Fair grader. With her, in the end, what you get is what you gave. It's that simple.

Jan 2004

I found Gisolfi's instruction challenging, but she's a great teacher. Taking University Writing from her helped me a lot with my writing. She's very critical of everything that you turn in, but if you pay attention to the problems that she's pointing out your writing will improve. I learned a lot in this class. Gisolfi's also funny, and leads some really great discussions in the class. She's also very responsive to ideas that students have.

Dec 2003

A history grad student with no writing background teaching an English class is questionable to begin with. She will reasure you that there is no question, her ability to teach is just shy of pathetic, and her attitude is that of a drill instructer. Just not as loud and much more sarcastic. If you are interested in your GPA look elswhere as she is not at all concerned with fair gradeing. Bottom line:Nasty women, cant teach for her life, and will murder your GPA.

Sep 2003

I thought Monica was great. Granted, very little could make L&R an even remotely enjoyable class, but I found her friendly and very approachable. L&R with her was about as painless as possible- and don't worry, she definitely gives out A's if she sees you're working.

Aug 2003

Not Columbia's finest. Very toigh, unfriednly and disorganized. Ram through the contents without much thoughtfulness.

Aug 2003

My opinion is that she is so fulll of herself, that teaching, compassion and learning are secondary. BAD CLASS!!

Aug 2002

Gisolfi's class is annoyingly time-consuming and of little help to seasoned writers. Her grading policy is so unforgiving that one should not expect above a B+, ever. Unfortunately, C.U. goes to great lengths to keep its students from choosing their L&R professors, and if you find yourself with Gisolfi, you are most likely stuck with her. So bite your lower lip, write to please, and do not be surprised when L&R becomes a dead weight on your GPA. Just try to prevent the weekly essays from destroying your work in other classes.