Susana Lopez

Sep 2002

I could not disagree more with the previous reviewer. I found Susana to be a delight. She was smart, sweet, funny, and really cared about teaching us. In one semester, i learned so much spanish. i am able to carry on conversations and understand very well. I think the precious review did not like her because she tried to make class fun and not just follow the book every day. She brought in spanish songs, poems, and had us act out skits in spanish and do presentations. For a language class, these kind of things are essential. I teach a language class myself (not at columbia) and i always found some of her ideas to be great and i used them on my own students. I really hope Susana comes back to columbia and that i get to be in her class again. She inspired me to continue taking spanish.

Sep 2002

I could not disagree more with the previous reviewer. I totally ADORED Susana and think she is the nicest, sweetest, and best teacher i have had at columbia. I learned so much spanish in one semester and am now able to really understand spanish!! She has inspired me to continue studying spanish. She made class fun, by bringing in spanish songs and poems, having us act out skits in spanish, and give presentations. Giving a presentation in spanish was a little challenging, but it really helped me work on my oral skills. I definitely hope to have her again! It was my favorite class last semester:)

Aug 2002

The worst class ever taken. Teacher is an idiot and should not be teaching- she doesnt care that she knows her class is a waste of time. She will mess you up. DO NOT TAKE A CLASS WITH THIS TEACHER! She is an embarrasment for the school. She should take her job more seriously.