Rebecca Molholt

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2004

I have to say that I find these other reviews a mystery. I found Rebecca to be mean, snide, and extremely confusing. Her lectures were rambling, and she had seemingly know idea how to ask her students questions that would either provoke their thought or guide them in any useful direction. Her comments on papers were petty, and did little to point the student toward a better understanding of how to write about art. I finally dropped the class in frustration after realizing that despite taking meticulous class notes, I had literally no idea what would be on the midterm, or how to study, simply because Rebecca was so vague. And I had a wonderful experience with a different Art Hum teacher (Andrew Manson), so I know I don't just randomly hate Art Hum.

Oct 2003

Wow!!! My favorite instructor to date. I took her course over the summer so it was a little bit shortened, but we crammed so much into those nine weeks. I now have a new and wonderful understanding of the world of art. Rebecca has the most beautiful speaking voice you'll ever hear. Furthermore, she is endearing, caring, sensitive and allows you to make your own mistakes before gently nudging you in the right direction. My only complaints are that it was difficult to write notes in a dark room (later I couldn't decipher what I wrote), and the final exam was a little tricky. Otherwise, this was the most interesting, joy filled, life altering courses you will ever take!

Nov 2002

As the other reviewers state, Rebecca is fantastic. I took Roman Art and Architecture solely based on the fact that I knew she would be the T.A. Her lectures are frankly amazing -- we would all be excited when the professor would be gone and she would give the lecture. Do not miss her!

Sep 2002

What a great teacher. I was never interested in art until I took this class. She engages even the most apathetic students and draws out ideas you never knew you had in you. TAKE THIS CLASS!!!!

Aug 2002

This class makes the core curriculmn worthwhile and meaningful. Becca was the most amazing professor and her engaging lectures clearly manifested her love for art. She encouraged student thoughts and all the class sessions combined lecture and discussion. I never missed a class, nor did I want to. Always available during outside of class and via e-mail, she truly dedicated her time and effort to teaching students about art.

Aug 2002

Rebecca (or Becca as she likes to be called) shares her intense love of art in ALL its forms so sincerely she will open your eyes to seeing almost as if for the first time. She is very patient and really makes an effort to get the class involved; inviting opinions yet providing direction for looking at art in a new way. Although I have been to some of the best museums in the world, I never fully appreciated what I saw until taking Art Hum with Becca. She was really wonderful.