Hans-Martin Jaeger

Apr 2004

Mr. Jaeger is an extremely down-to-earth, intelligent teacher who has a great personality and truly cares about his students. (Also, as it's always a concern at Columbia, be assured that you won't be able to tell that English is his second language. He is much more articulate than many of the American professors I've had at Columbia.) This class is definitely one of my best experiences with the core b/c of Mr. Jaeger's ability to balance structure (I'm in awe of the fact that he spends so much time preparing a review of the previous class' main ideas and introduction to the new class' discussions) and student-based discussion. Also, he regularly introduces controversial contemporary issues that relate directly to the complex concepts being discussed, which has led to my ability to comprehend and retain much more than I did from my last semester of CC, which was with a different teacher. After all that... you're going to be disappointed b/c this is his last year as a grad student at Columbia. I'm sure he will be a great professor valued by his students at whatever school is smart enough to take him.

Dec 2003

I'm in awe of the fact that no other student of his has written anything about the absolute dread engendered by having him as an instructor for cc. Not to mention the fact that he was utterly devoid of a personality or semblance of interest in the students. There are better cc professors that even appear to enjoy their student.

Aug 2002

A great CC teacher. I had him his first year teaching and he seemed as if he knew all the material pretty well. He loves class participation and people who go to office hours.