Jesus Suarez-Garcia

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2018

Jesus really cares about his students and their success. He really tries to make sure the classroom is an open space where students feel comfortable making mistakes, which is really nice. That being said, there is a TON of work for this class and he is a pretty harsh grader. If you don't participate you won't do well and sometimes there was so much work that people just gave up. It is definitely a lot harder than Int. Span II so be prepared. I did learn a lot about intercultural communication so that was really cool and he's a good teacher, it's just a challenging course.

Dec 2017

Professor Suarez-Garcia deserves a gold nugget. I had the pleasure of taking him this past semester, and the man was absolutely amazing. He truly cares about his job and does everything in his power to help all of his students master the language. He is always available to speak outside of class...and does more than most teachers will do for a student. Can't remember a teacher who was this good at his job. Anyway, if you care about your'll get a good one. I'm sure most people in the class had a grade in the A-range (I got an A+).

Dec 2017

Spanish Intermediate I with Prof. Jesús Suárez-García have been a very positive experience. I wholeheartedly recommend taking any Spanish course with this professor. He has brought much enthusiasm to each class and kept our class engaged while encouraging participation even if students make minor grammatical or pronunciation mistakes. Compositions have opportunities for revision, and there are practice tests which are beneficial in preparation for midterms and finals.

Jan 2017

Jesus is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He is extremely compassionate and enthusiastic. He puts everything he can into his work, and it is extremely admirable. The class is not difficult, but do not take it with him if you do not intend to put in any effort. He deserves better students.

Dec 2016

I took this class as a first-year my first semester of college. I can't say anything bad about Professor Suarez-Garcia; he is definietly deserving of a silver nugget. This class is specifically designed for heritage speakers, which means that the class is composed of Latinos and Hispanics. You will be required to speak Spanish during the entire hour and fifteen minutes, but since you would only be taking this course as a native Spanish speaker, speaking it fluently shouldn't be an issue. However, Professor Suarez-Garcia does not grade you based on how you speak the language, in fact, he openly states that even though he is from Spain, he does not believe that Spanish from Spain is best, which is incredibly comforting. The course itself is focused on grammar and learning how to perfect the language so that it is spoken "formally" instead of "colloquially". Even though grammar was a large part of the course, Professor Suarez-Garica also incorporated topics that had nothing to do with grammar, which was the basis of three short essays that we had to write. Throughout the entire semester, the Professor was always willing to answer our questions. He is also very flexible regarding due dates and grades. Overall, he was an amazing Professor and I would totally advise anyone who is willing to take this class to take it.

May 2013

I had Professor Suarez-Garcia when I took Adv. Language through Content (Cultura) and I initially wasn't sure how I felt about it. I exempted my language requirement and took this class the second semester of my first year and I can't tell you how much I feel I've improved my writing, speaking, and reading skills in Spanish as someone who has been fluent since 1st grade. He really encourages students to be aware of their learning environment as one where they shouldn't be afraid to fail, and he really genuinely wants students to learn through experience. The class was entirely conducted in Spanish (obviously) and that immersion alone was helpful in addition to his always speaking to us in Spanish. Grammatically, it surprises me how much I learned, and he balanced gramatical practice and study with cultural discussion and research. An amazing class, made me decide to minor in Spanish.

Apr 2012

I'm surprised he doesn't have more recent reviews. Professor Suarez-Garcia was my teacher for Elementary Spanish I last semester. I didn't realize how fortunate I was until Elementary II; my current professor is great but here's what makes Professor Suarez-Garcia stand out: 1) He's a very experienced teacher, so no matter how bungled your Spanish phrasing is, he actually understands what you're trying to say and gently corrects and helps you. Additionally, his English is also very good, so at least for my class, he always knew the Spanish translation for any English word we asked about. 2) I don't know if this is common for Elementary I, but he conducts his classes entirely in Spanish, except for the first day when he explains the syllabus. Though this was quite intimidating at first, it's extremely helpful. And I doubt it's easy to do, considering he had to repeat and rephrase things a lot for us. 3) He is incredibly encouraging. He'll be sure to praise you for your struggles throughout class, and he is actually sincere about it. This aspect may not seem that important, but particularly for beginners, it can really benefit your mindset towards Spanish. 4) On the first day of class, he said that he wouldn't make us participate, but he actually does--this is good because you end up with a lot of practice, which is helpful for the exams. I highly recommend Professor Suarez-Garcia for this class.

Jan 2010

I liked Senor Suarez a lot. He obviously loves teaching kids and has fun with it. His class, though, requires a lot of busy work before every class, and on top of everything else there are daily postings on this facebook like site called edmodo. Also, there is a final project with parts needing to be done weekly, so that builds up as well. In class can be slow from time to time, but there are a lot of presentations and conversation. My biggest qualm is that the midterm and final were mostly grammar based, and we spent very little time in class going over grammar. Also, Jesus doesn't believe in worksheets for extra practice with grammar and tense mixers, so its hard to study for the departmental tests. On a ligther note, he helps you become more fluent and a better speaker, as well as teaches you a bit of spanish culture. Overall, I'd recommend Jesus' class.

May 2008

The good thing about this class is that you don't have to buy any books- everything you need is online. The course is on this way-too-painful-to-navigate website called a wiki, and its basically a forum you write in back and forth with students from the University of Leon. Its good practice in speaking and writing, but I don't feel like it helped my grammar at all (which is what I needed).

Dec 2006

El profesor es muy muy simpatico, agradable, interesante, y divertido. La clase es muy bueno- nosotros hablabamos mucho en espanol y aprendabamos mucho. Yo recomiendo toca una clase con el profesor.

Dec 2006

In short, he is amazing! People at this school seem to think if you speak Spanish at home then you really don't "speak" Spanish. You will not run into those people in this class since everyone is a native speaker (this is so nice). Even though Jesus is from Spain, he does not criticize your accent if you are from Latin America, in fact he told us many times that we spoke perfectly. Not only was he supportive of our unique struggles as native speakers with spelling and accents, he was supportive when people had illnesses and/or personal problems. The daily assignments did not interfere with other work for more challenging classes. The homework was easy, interesting, and helpful at looking and understanding our problems in our own lands. Take this course! If you are not a native speaker take one of his other courses, he is wonderful!

May 2006

Jesus is a nice guy and he's funny and he certainly knows Spanish well. With that said, this class was entirely useless. It was worse than any high school Spanish I ever took. A conversation course he let 20+ people into so no one ever got to speak, random useless assignments, a focus on "debunking stereotypes" that no one had in the first place... academic torture for anyone who's ever taken the time to think half-intelligently about other cultures. On the plus side, they do offer a pretty cheap chance to go to Spain if you're interested. I say, save your money and your time and skip this BS.

Feb 2006

Oh wow! He is not only a genius at what he does and obviously loves teaching and making sure you learn, but he is also the sweetest and nicest professor ever! He helps you through everything and never lets you feel lost or slow. He is really funny and it is just a pleasure to be in his class!

Jan 2006

Sweetest man alive!!! Hysterical too. Definitely take the class.

Dec 2005

Professor Suarez-Garcia is the absolute sweetest professor I've had. He speaks and moves the class along slow enough for the people that need repeating yet fast enough to keep the rest paying attention. He's a native Spaniard and sometimes needs help with the English word he's looking for, but his Spanish accent makes yours so much better. I came out of HS hating Spanish, but Professor Suarez Garcia made be fall in love with Spanish again. Also, it's fun getting e-mail from Jesus :) The videos that you have to go watch are boring and slooow, but you actually don't have to go to the library to watch them, just google the ever-so-dramatic soap opera and you'll find a way to watch it sitting at your laptop with a cup of coffee. The final presentations on this soap opera will make watching 20 something episodes worth it. Don't worry about the exams too much, there's more to your grade than test scores.

Dec 2004

Great class, great professor! Highly recommended, best spanish class I have ever taken.

Sep 2004

Amazing professor & amazing class! I loved this class. Professor Suarez made me feel so comfortable speaking in class, and I really appreciated this because I had always been hesitant to speak in other classes. The class involves discussion about topics that the class picks in the beginning of the semester. As Prof. Suarez goes through each class, he assigns articles to read and gives us questions to think about. Prof. Suarez makes the class as enjoyable as possible. One of our assignments was to watch Pedro Almodovar movies. We did group work as well, and we also had to participate in a cultural event in the city, which was very fun. Prof. Suarez makes the class feel very laid back and casual, but at the same time, he provokes thought and allows you to improve your speaking and writing skills. I cannot say enough good things about this class and professor. Prof. Suarez is so nice, friendly, and approachable. He is more than willing to answer any and all questions, and he is very knowledgeable about Latino culture and language.

May 2004

WONDERFUL PROFESSOR!!!! so nice. so awesome!!! This course does have some annoying homework like online discussions, but all the work is completely manageable. Do not be fooled by the fact that it's called Advanced/Oral written. It's a fun class and Jesus is awesome. You can make all the mistakes you want and he always ALWAYS helps you. Great class to take if your other classes are really stressing; it's not that difficult but you still learn a lot. Would definitely recommend it. Whether you really like Spanish or jsut want to learn more, this class is still great to take. Jesus is a fabulous professor. I remember our class making the same mistakes in subjunctive like 5 or 6 times, and jesus was still really cool about it.

Dec 2003

Too bad he is not teaching Int. Span II next semester. He is indeed an excellent professor. He is down-to earth. Take this class if you really want to learn spanish, at least to learn how to speak in span somewhat fluently. When you take this class you would have to speak in class, which is great b/c you dont really know a language until you speak it. I have been taking spanish since middle school and I have to say I spoke more spanish in this semester than in all of my other yrs of learning spanish. Jesus is a great guy. He will defintely take the time to get know everyone individually. You would have to bear with him on his english, that is whenever he speaks in Eng. He speaks in spanish most of the time and will speak to u in english only when u really dont understand him. He is definitely understandable and approachable, both inside and outside of class. I highly recommend his classes.

Dec 2003

I can't believe there aren't more raving reviews about Professor Suarez! This guy is amazing, beyond amazing...despite my hesitance about taking Spanish for my language requirement since I got sick of in high school, Jesus has revitalized my love for the language. Jesus is very knowledgeable not only of the language but also of the culture. He's incredibly helpful in class and remarkably does not get annoyed when the class asks questions. In fact he is totally cool when we ask him to repeat something or to say it slower. I learned so much from this class at the same time I enjoyed this class more than any other. It was a small size, so we were able to get to know one another. Jesus is personable inside and outside of class. He is actually really interested in us as people, other than as just students. He has a great sense of humor which of course adds to the fun of the class. The material wasn't too hard but I really have to credit that to the professor and of course my fellow hard working classmates. There's a lot of grammar to review and it was required to watch a cheesy soap opera, but all in all I learned a lot. Jesus made it very comfortable for us to speak Spanish in class because he never scolded us for wrong pronunciation rather he helped us out and we were always allowed to tell ancedotes in Spanish and whenever we didn't know how to say a word Jesus helped us. The more speaking in class, the more we were able to comprehend the language. I highly recommend this class. I can not imagine taking this course with anyone else.

Dec 2003

Jesus is such a nice guy and a good teacher at the same time. He speaks Spanish the whole time since people can hardly understand his broken English. That's good though cause you learn a lot. he explains the grammar really well and often has better explanations than the book.

Sep 2002

Professor Jesus Suarez-Garcia is a nice guy. From Spain, so he has a lisp when he talks but it doesn't hinder you from understanding him. You have to speak spanish in this class, but he's real nice about it. He helps you out. Overall, a good guy.