Martin Haugh

May 2017

Never take class with Martin in IEOR, Martin is the worst professor in Columbia. The topic of the class is interesting, however, Martin makes it a bad experience to learn it, rash through all topic without clear explanation, and all slide, both graph and text come from the reference book. But proof are deleted on purpose. Talk about some deep topic but do not provide any clear explanation about these topics. In the exam, he ask you to do proof that he never went through in class. He pretends that he knows everything, but how could a guy know everything but never talk about anything in lecture. learn the material by yourself is even better than learning with him.

Dec 2016

Worst professor ever. Let me list a few enlightening qualities of Mr. Martin 1. Doesn't know much about anything but acts as if he is like Prof. Derman ( Too much ego ) 2. Basically rehashes materials from all his courses 3. If all things are pretty obvious, I don't understand why we need you to tell that to us Martin 4. Least helpful guy who you would ever have the displeasure to meet 5. He said he had some fun stories to share about Peter Carr who he thinks is not that great ( Do people even that you exist Martin ? ) - Basically thinks he is better than the best. 6. Look at his linked in profile and tell me why is he is in anyway qualified to teach here ( where you get the cream of the crop ). I think the the only reason he is still not fired is that he sucks up a lot to the chair presumably. Now the only redeeming quality is that the course is good and seems to be well thought out. Just because the material is good doesn't mean you don't need to teach and get away with everything. In summary: A guy who is fun who you can grab a drink with, but stay away from his courses.

Sep 2002

A great professor. He is extremely organized, provides excellent online class notes, and knows the stuff cold. And even though all the notes are available before class, he still manages to make coming to class very worthwhile with his excellent and clear presentation of the material. Coming to class was actually essential to me for understanding the stuff since Monte Carlo Simulation is not something that can be just picked up while leisurly browsing through some notes. This is an excellent class and Professor Haugh is an excellent Professor. It's hard to believe that this was his first year teaching and that he actually might get even better.