Anjali Balasingham

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Sep 2010

One of the nicest and best french teachers I've ever had! She is very sweet and patient and will make learning french a painless experience. She has a very methodical and organized way of teaching, which I really appreciated because french can be very tricky what with all of the so called rules with a billion exceptions. She's always giving extra helpful charts or tables to help clarify concepts which are not always so clear in the book. She also tends to prefer to type lessons, examples, etc., on Word over the projector, which is a lot clearer for taking notes and organized than than writing on the chalkboard. Sometimes language classes get a bit disorienting when you don't understand, but she's careful to try and put things in phrases we can understand. If a concept is difficult to understand, she will go over it as much as necessary to ensure everyone understands. She's also very approachable and straightforward with what will be on tests so there are never any surprises. Everything on the test will be on something we've specifically went over in class. And if the whole class doesn't do so well she'll give everyone a little curve. She grades fairly (both on tests and compositions) but definitely not harshly. Finally, she has a great accent. I attended one section where the professors accent was so American--not the case with Anjali. if you get the opportunity to be in her section--take it! She's great.

Jan 2010

Anjali is one of the nicest, kindest, best French teachers you could imagine. My French progressed amazingly over the course of the semester and she was always available outside of class to go over work, practice pronunciation or just chat. Anjali was always cheerful in class and managed to make even the most boring grammar topics both understandable and enjoyable. The workload was pretty standard for the French department. She did assign a few extra homework sheets towards the end of the semester but they were always helpful in solidifying difficult grammar topics and at least one of them counted for extra credit. She was also flexible with deadlines throughout the semester and really seemed to understand that this was not our only class and that at times other work could get a little overwhelming. The very first class was a little overwhelming as she speaks almost entirely in fairly rapid French from the start (something my Elementary I teacher did not do). But by the second week it just seemed completely natural and really improved my French. I really can't reccommend her highly enough and if you manage to get in with her you're in for a great semester. She really does make the language requirement as painless as possible.

May 2009

Anjali is a true treasure-- I don’t exaggerate. There exists no way to measure her kindness, her best trait nor to assess the great respect with which she treated us. In fact, her methods are perfect. I might describe them thus: She makes sure we participate and even when we err our dumb mistakes she won’t berate— patient beyond compare! Her grades are fair, and her comments help compositions grow from messes with missing accents into français très beau. Anjali is among the best I have had at this school. This department is truly blessed to possess such a jewel.

Jan 2009

Anjali is the sweetest and most patient teacher ever! She genuinely wants all her students to succeed and answers all questions, even those you might think are stupid! She's willing to put in the extra time if you need more help, and doesn't "pick favorites" or anything like that. I found that she was a lenient grader, but I don't know about others in my class.

Feb 2004

Anjali is great. She's an excellent teacher and puts real effort into helping students learn the material. She is always available outside of class and is nice enough that you'd never hesitate about approaching her.

Jan 2004

Anjali is a great teacher, I should know, I've had so many courses with her! She is so available and excited to help her students succeed. Interesting assignments and fun in class activities tended to spice up the boring grammar stuff. French is hard and the language req can be a pain in the ass, but french with anjali can be rewarding and pretty painless. Come to class and do your work, that's all she asks.

Apr 2003

The 1202 review is totally unfair and inaccurate. I took a beginning French class with Anjali and loved it -- she was infinitely patient, very sweet and caring, and a clear and responsible instructor. I had many absences because of health problems and she was very understanding, and even took several hours out of her own time, on weekends no less, to come in and work with me so I could catch up. I was a weak student but she never lost her patience and graded leniently. When I mentioned to her that I was going to France, she sent me a four-page e-mail of helpful suggestions for my trip. There isn't a mean bone in her body. If you care about learning French, she's a great choice.

Apr 2003

Do not choose this professor if you ever plan on missing a class. She's a real stickler for good attendance. Not the most generous grader in the world either. She'll take off points from your quizzes for any reason she can find. We also spend most of our classtime working in pairs, which I didn't feel was very productive for my way of learning. To give her some credit, she was always available for consultation, but there are easier ways of getting through your language requirement then by taking her class!

Oct 2002

Anjali is a pretty good choice for those of us trying to get out of the language requirement. The class isn't particularly difficult, at least not more difficult than any other section... The only problem is that I sometimes find that I have a hard time concentrating because she's so attractive. Well, I suppose that's a decent problem to have.