Christina Rilke

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jun 2004

Christina is terrific, and even if this class were offered at 7am, you'd love showing up! She's a charming blend of easy going, knowledgeable and super-friendly. I think she may be moving onward and upward soon, so take her class while you still can. Christina is gonna be one of your favorite instructors at Columbia! Show up to class, participate, and jot down her insights--it'll pay off on the exams and the papers. Her grading is incredibly fair, and moreover, the class is genuinely interesting.

Jan 2004

An absolute peach, this one. Snotty, but charmingly so! As previously mentioned, her class is a definite survey- a shell of a class, really. The upside of the sweeping over-glossing of art history is, of course, that beyond the three papers and three museum trips- no work is required. If you're looking for depth, look elsewhere, but if you're looking for a really amusing teacher and a really undemanding (but not uninteresting) class, set your sights on Rilke.

Dec 2003

Christina made me want to stay in her class. After switching and dropping out of a couple Art Hum classes before, I felt compelled to stay in her class (despite the 10:35am time). If you want an Art Hum teacher to tell you side stories of artists, mix in personal research, and require you to know the ins and outs of art history and style, she's not the teahcer for you. Christina will emphasize the "survey" aspect of Art Hum by glossing over the major artists, works, and themes in an easygoing and accessible manner. Her casual attitude in the classroom is seen through the emphasis on discussion and flip critiques of artists. Overall, not a bad way to get through the Art Hum requirement. Oh, and she's ridiculously cute!

Nov 2003

This woman is a trip. She is hilarious. She has no problem stating her opinions about the art work which are in most cases very entertaining. She's smart, and energetic and makes an effort to keep her students engaged and to help you appreciate the material.

Jul 2003

Christina was a fun and energetic instructor. She's super nice and very frank. Though she was somewhat harsh on grading throughout the semester, she seemed to give good final grades.

May 2003

I heart Christina. She is wonderful and funny and magnificent. She makes art hum a joy. Take her class before some other university steals her away.

Nov 2002

Christina is a fantastic teacher. She is very approachable and willing to help her students out. I enjoy the class very much. Art Hum is a tough class to teach based on the students limited knowledge of the material before entering the class and the broad spectrum of material these professors are expected to cover. Christina does a wonderful job of making the material accessible and using language we can understand. She is very knowledgable about the subject matter and she is enthusiastic about it and excited by it. It shows in her teaching. Christina assigns only the most appropriate readings. Christina is a very good grader and her assignments are well thought out and allow for the creativity and subjectivity that are needed for true appreciation of art. I fully recommend this instructor for art hum.