Amir Rozen

Jun 2006

Horrible class! Two hours twice a week 8-10 pm is insane! Its dry and long. Amir repeats too much and has annoying nuances to his lecturing style whihc take time to get used to. The class does not need to be that long. The other problem with the class is that it isnt based on real-life examples enough to solifify the knowledge in your mind. I wish we worked more with financial statements etc. or the actual stock market to truly understand finance and how accoutning in applied in the real world. He is really helpful though if you have any problems. Just speak to him. Mid term was hard. Final was a bit easier. Many people pass/fail the class

Feb 2006

Rozen is a prof who oversimplifies the material. Although he is good at making the material understandable for all students, I felt he often spent way too much time trying to explain concepts that were themselves pretty simple. This made the lectures pointless to go to unless there was a quiz that day. Because his lectures seemed to be geared for junior high/high school students, the material he covers in the 2 hours can be covered in less than 30 minutes at a reasonable pace by a regular lecturer. Finally, his final grading scheme didn't seem very understandable. Although he initially had weights for each exam, homeworks, quizzes, etc., it didn't appear like the weights were actually followed when the final grade was given. I would suggest another prof if you actually want to learn something from the class and have your grade decided by a schema that is more elaborate than him eyeballing your final scores.

Jan 2006

This guy is actually a really good lecturer. He presentations are clear, and he he adds his own perspective to the powerpoint, and to the presentation he gives in class. You can actually miss class, but he tends to give pop quizzes, although, they are usually when hw is due, so be careful. I always had a friend on the lookout, who called me when she thought there would be a quiz. the hw is out of the book, and his midterms are simple if you know the material. This semester he had to cancel class several times, not intentionally, but because, for some reason, it was just not his semester. I have to say this hurt the students. In the end, he gave the option of students who did better on the first midterm to count for 70% of the grade, because he covered such little material for the finance section of the cours.e In other words, the grade of the final didn't count. This hurt me, and i'm sure some other people who did better in the second half than the first. And he refused to hear out the students who were against this. He even suggested there be extra classes during the study period to cover for his absences. It wasn't his fault that he cancelled classes, but I think it hurt the students. Overall, though it is a great class. One should take it if you have three credits and 2 hrs a night for two nights out of the week. I feel he explains the material well, and answers all questions. If time is crunched during class, his office hours are after class, although it's late, he will seriously stay there until your question has been answered to your satisfaction. My only advice is to seriously do your work, because there were a lot of wanna be i-bankers who were fiercely competitive, and shockingly ahead, which can ruin the curve. His average was a B, so just work hard.

Jul 2004

amir is great if you don't like going to class b/c he puts his lectures up online. honestly, this stuff is easy - if you have half a brain, you'll be able to learn the required chapters in less than a week. but, since we spend an entire semester, amir gives pop quizes (like 5 of them) scattered throughout the 3 months... all you gotta do is figure out when the quizes are and study for 15 minutes on 3 chapters right before the quiz. and you're set. at first, amir was a pretty terrible lecturer, but i think he got better towards the end of the year. the class is huge, so he doesn't like to take questions, and to be honest, some of the questions asked by our fellow peers are so dumb. it'd help if he were more approachable by students about the company analysis project, but he's a young arrogant banker from smith barney. he doesn't hurt if you don't bother getting to know him and study your stuff. since the class was big and there's some crazy ibanker-wannabes out there, do all your work (psets, quizes, proj, tests) well and you should be okay. if you want to dispute a grade, he won't listen to you...

Apr 2004

Amir Rosen is the worst teacher i have ever had. He takes 2 hours (literally) what it would take me 10 minutes to learn on my own. A good teacher could teach the entire content of this class in about 2 weeks. Worse, his class is 1 hour and 50 minutes. I really think that they added the extra 35 minutes because Amir cant teach. avoid him at all costs. trust me you dont want to listen to him for this long. The content of this class is pretty important, so take it...just NOT with him.

Mar 2004

Some kid asked a question in class, he responded, "please don't ask me any questions after we've moved on to the next problem" takes time to absorb the information and he was going wickedly fast. every class that i've gone to i've heard him scream at the kids sitting in the front. This guy tests on NOTHING he shows you in class. His sample problems in class are easy and his midterm problems are killer. and he curves to like a b-/b. I heard the other class was ridiculously easy. i learned jack from him anyway, why torture yourself and pretend like you're learning something...go with the easier prof...which is just about anyone else in the department. the final rocked everyone like nothing else. 25 multiple choice questions with at least like 4-5 concepts embedded in each. you can understand and be able to answer part of the question, but if you mess up the rest of it, NO partial credit. so it's all or nothing. evil i say!

Jan 2004

This is the most practical course that econ majors can take if they're looking for a career in finance. This professor will also leave a good impression of the subject so as not to change your mind about the field. The professor is very thorough in his lectures, which are all available in powerpoint presentations. The two projects are also pretty interesting. In the end, if you do your work, you're guaranteed an A.

Dec 2003

I thought Amir was such a fabulous teacher that I'm still considering going to Susan Elmes, as the department head, and suggesting that his class be video-taped for the benefit of those professors who may be geniuses in their field but who, if they took it into their heads to describe the workings of a doorknob, would insure that at least half of the adult population would never be able to get through a door again (just about sums up the econ. department for me). His lectures were not only clear, he not only kept up class participation in a way I would have thought almost impossible for a class with about 150 people, but he is just a plain good lecturer. He has a real "public-speaking style" that actually acknowledges that he has an audience to keep interested. If you hate it then I guess your in trouble but I really appreciated it. He speaks well, clearly, loudly enough and with as much humor as can be wrought out of accounting. His lectures are well-organized powerpoint presentations and there are no surprises or long, wandering deviations. He repeats information; not in an annoying but in a truly helpful "I want to make sure you're all clear on this" sort of way. As to minding the "Clear? Questions?" I can only say that in many of many of my classes the level of lostness on the part of the students is palpable above the silence and their refusal to ask the professor what on earth s/he just meant, no matter how obscure the professor may have been. But people felt more comfortable asking questions in Amir's class than just about any class I've taken. He really wants to know where his students stand (once he has asked a question he will not continue until he has gotten an answer and if the class seems particularly recticent will cover the material again). And on top of it all, a fun accent. I mean it, he's a good guy and a conscientious professor.

Dec 2003

Amazingly boring professor, but hey its accounting what do you expect. He can't stop saying things twice, its so annoying it will make you not go to class. Extremely frugal on grades, doesn't give a crap about anyone or anything but his own personal time. *CULPA censor*

Dec 2003

This class is great if you do not like to go to the lectures. Amir posts the notes in .pdf format on Courseworks, and the book covers all of the material needed for exams, problem sets, and the projects. However, you should go to class on the day the projects are explained. We just got our final grades (fall 2003), and he gave the mean a B+. Overall: Fairly easy class compared to others at Columbia, especially great if you do not like to attend lectures and would just rather learn from the texts. NOTE: The texts for this class are expensive. I think each book is around $120 new (2 books required); however, the business school library has tons on reserve.

Dec 2003

I feel obligated to post this review since the previous reviews were so positive. I am writing this review before taking the final, so I dont know my grade, but am expecting to get an A. so there is no ulterior motive for my review. I found this man terribly annoying. His lecturing style was choppy and erratic. He often mispronounced words without clarification and glossed over more difficult concepts and problems because he realized that his explanations were not correct. I really got the feeling that he was in class not for the students, but to hear himself talk. I mean, the guy was able to get the general material across, and its not very hard to get an A, but hes just so annoying! After every slide he finishes with "clear . . . questions . . . ok." In one on one interaction, he was very arrogant and condescending. I mean the class is pretty easy but hes just like nails on a chalkboard. For the first half of the semester, when we deal with accounting, he pronounced "retained earnings" as "returned earnings". So while this class is pretty easy, and the book teaches you a lot, Amir Rozen makes the lecture experiences painful. My own personal opinion, but had I met this guy before taking the class, I would have taken the other section.

May 2003

Rozen does a fine job with the material. He presents it in a very oganized way and gives good examples. He does everything he can to help students understand it: .PDF files with the lecture notes, old midterms and finals with solutions, and review sessions for the midterm and final. The material can be challenging but he does a good job. His final was a bit tricky

Jan 2003

The lectures are pretty boring and the accounting part of the course is the most boring but pretty easy. The midterm is really really difficult ...if you get a C..don't worry, he curves the grades (but he doesn't tell the class that he does so you actually end up thinking that you got a C when it's really a B+). Even if you get a C it;s soo easy to get an A in the class if you do the work. FInal is 25 multiple choice so you have to be careful. Overall, good class...I learned a lot but it's also a whole lotta work!

Dec 2002

Amir was the TA to Mesznick's Corp Finance class for the fall semester. He was never available for OH, and when he bothered to schedule an apt. he stood me up twice. He seemed embittered to be the TA and was condescending and reluctant to give out any help. Maybe he is a better professor, but as a TA, dont expect ANY help.

Nov 2002

I'm taking this class currently in Fall 2002. He's an excellent teacher and really cares about teaching his students well. He's always available for students to meet with him and there are two TAs available as well (although they're not very helpful.) He's a great teacher for this course because he realizes how boring accounting can be (he worked as a financial analyst in Wall Street) and tries to make it as interesting as possible.