Peter Ozsvath

Aug 2007

Brilliant, utterly disorganized, and completely unaware of his students. If your course doesn't have a TA then don't expect to get any homeworks back. If you're in an intro course then switch, he's not interested in teaching things to people who don't already know it. If you're in an advanced course he's amazing.

Feb 2006

One of reasons why we come to Columbia is because of the brilliant Professors here. Osvath may be really intelligent, but he sure can't teach. He's very messy, and classes are really boring (Though I admit its hard to make Math interesting sometimes). Add to that really annoying exams that do not test your comprehension of the material, but whether u can memorize the solution or solve the answer to some really complex integration problem. Tests will demoralise you, I don't understand why he likes doing that. In all, a lousy instructor and Professor. Do not take his class unless you know the math already.

Jan 2006

OK, so Professor Osvath screwed up the first midterm, rendering two of the four questions impossible to solve. He gave people full credit if they got as far as feasibly possible, and counted the whole midterm less in our final grade. However, on the whole, he is one of the better calculus professors I have had. The class made me reconsider my loathing of math. He is very enthusiastic and really enjoys it when students come to office hours. The class was frsutrating because everyone in it just cared about their grade. He was a very personable professor and tried to learn everyone's name to answer their questions directly (which is saying something considering the class was around 50 people). His tests were decently difficult, but you really know what to expect. Learn the fundamental concepts of the class from the book,and be willing to think about them critically and apply them to less familiar situations. The course was very generously curved; he wanted to make sure that no one wanted to fail.

Jan 2006

there is no doubt Prof Ozvath is a brilliant man. However he also makes some of the hardest exams i have ever taken... He attempts to incorporate graduate concepts into the lectures..(then they find their way into the exams and you are really screwed) I got a B- in his lowest grade here to far....I really do not recommend him

Jan 2006

Okay, he's quite the character. He paces around like crazy. He definitely knows the calculus, but he just doesn't translate it well into instruction. He's very fluid with his grading, too... not necessarily in a good way. Our final ended up being 60% of the grade because he made so many mistakes on our midterms that he threw it out. On midterm days, he'll show up as if he stayed up all night writing the test. I don't recommend this guy, and I like calculus. It's definitely not the course.

Jan 2006

He really cares about math and wants you to understand. In class he can get distracted easily, but he is genuinely a nice guy. His tests are hard, but the curve helps with that.

Jan 2006

Not a good professor, which is a shame. I think that he means well, but it's hard to tell. Gets way too sidetracked when teaching lectures in class, falls behind on material, and then gives absurd tests -- one test this term, after we'd all boned up on difficult material like Stokes' Thm. and double integrals, the test wanted us to integrate arcsecant as part of a regular problem. That sort of thing -- the tests would be fine if you had a Calc II or III textbook on hand, but require ridiculous command of obscure knowledge. Class average on the final 200-point exam was around a 60, which is low even for a curved class. It doesn't help that Calc IV is full of completely disinterested engineers, though -- all the class did was complain, and after awhile he just stopped listening to anyone. Not good form. It's tough to be bitter -- the curve is intense and despite doing poorly all term I got an A-. This will probably not be true in future semesters. Not recommended.

Dec 2005

Calculus 4 is a tough class, and Professor Osvath does not make it any easier. He may be a funny guy but he sure needs to understand his students better. He sets really hard exams that will really demoralise you. If you have a choice, DO NOT ever take his class. Personally, I have not learnt anything from him.

Nov 2005

I love Professor Osvath. He has been my favorite teacher this semester. I came into this class, having taken Multivariable Calc. but not understanding any of what I had learned. I am so amazed now that I understand everything we have gone through. He is not only a good teacher that makes things easy to understand, he genuinely cares for his students. He even had a review session for our second midterm on a Sunday night on his own time. He's even funny and affable! He loves when you volunteer in class and tries his best to learn as many students' names as possible. One of his pet peeves is probably students who don't come to class, so come to class!!! He is absent-minded, though.. He messed up 2 out of 5 of the first midterm questions, so that midterm was counted half of the amount of the second one. All in all, a great teacher that made me laugh!

Nov 2002

Very tough course! Extremely interesting if you like proof-based math, but get ready to fail the midterm! Here's a hint: 42/100 got curved into a B+. Ozvath is a little disorganized at times, there are moments when I'm not sure he even knows what he's talking about. But he clearly loves the subject, and sees it a different way from all the other teachers I've ever had. He's extremely good natured, loves it when you participate, but won't give you a hard time if you don't. He'll occasionally call on the silent one in the back just for fun, but this isn't half as intimidating as he thinks it is.