Tracy Adam

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2006

Prof. Adam is really a great teacher. She was always nice, approachable, and clear in her expectations. The class was based on learning a lot of grammar, but she tried to make it more fun by making us talk a lot in class about such things as what we are planning to do on a particular weekend, for holiday, etc. I really think that besides learning a lot of grammar during this semester, I was able to improve my communication skills in French as well. Before this class, I believed that I would never be able to express my thoughts in French, however, Prof. Adam helped me overcome this problem in her nice, indirect way. The class was a bore at some points, but once again it was really useful in improving my French. The only thing is be aware that the first quiz is hard. As it seemed to me that the material we learned in class was really straightforward, I spend less than an hour preparing for the quiz, and that turned out to be a huge mistake. However, as the semester went on and I got used to her expectations, I did not have problems with her assignments anymore and got an A in the class. Also I would suggest doing the homework she assigns every day since by doing it, you completely understand all the nuisances of a particilar grammar rule and don't confuse it with other rules anymore. I would really recommend taking her class and it's a pity she is not teaching Int 2 next semester.

Dec 2005

TAKE FRENCH WITH TLA! Tracy is the sweetest, most clear/to the point French teacher I have ever had. She's obscenely helpful at office hours, she teaches you volumes without you even noticing, and class is always a pleasure to go to. It can go slowly/be semi-boring at times, but usually she makes everyone laugh and never talks at you for an hour and fifteen minutes. I'm taking conversation with her at some point, for sure.

Dec 2005

I LOVED Professor Adam. She was so sweet and could effectively teach french without giving an insane amount of work. I was really upset that she is not teaching Intermediate II next semester, I would take it in a heartbeat. Several people in my class are now considering going on in French beyond the requirement because of Professor Adam. Although the class mainly focused on grammar and was not such an enthralling class, Professor Adam made it very enjoyable.

Dec 2005

Professor Adam (though she was a TA when I had her) is great. I absolutely recommend taking a class with her. She is so sweet and really takes pains to explain things well. If she doesn't know the answer to a grammar/lit question you ask, she will go home, research, read up on whatever you ask and will then come back to class equipped with the asnwer. She assigns lots of grammatical exercises and doles out hand-outs like candy. Be prepared to work really hard as she gives tons of homework per class, but you will be super-competent in French by the time she's done with you. Oh, I don't know if she still does this, but she used to bake us brownies (and even creme brulee once) and bring milk to exam reviews. Two thumbs up! Fine holiday fun!

Nov 2002

What a nice woman, what a nice smile, what a sweetheart. WHAT A WORKLOAD! She assigns compositions due the same day as a quiz, a movie reaction, and 3 chapters of reading. One cannot actually do all the assigned work (unless this is his/her only class) but to Prof. Adam's credit, I've never felt so competant in French. She uses literature, articles, and films in addition to the standard Grammar book to really get a person familiar with the standard usages of language and grammar. She is also always ready and willing to have a discussion with you about problem areas.