Gordon Spencer

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2013

Gordon Spencer is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met! He is incredibly well read and clever, and provides a never ending supply of hilarious jokes. Gordon dove at one of the top diving universities in the world, but don't be intimidated, he is a great teacher! He will teach you the basics of how to jump off 3m without looking like a total doofus, and if you'd like to learn some harder dives he will comply. The class is a lot of fun, and it's great to watch your friends smacking... definitely helps you bond. TAKE THIS CLASS! Even better, make Gordon Spencer your mentor.

Dec 2011

Take this class. It's easy and much more enjoyable than most of the other PE's, and you actually learn something! It's cool to learn some basic dives. Don't worry if you have zero experience, most people don't. Gordon is HILARIOUS. Awesome, funny, knowledgeable, understanding. You'll want to dive because it's fun to jump in the pool and feel like you're accomplishing something neat you can show your friends, BUT if you just need to chill one day he understands, and won't make you get out of the hot tub too too much.

Aug 2009

One of those people who’s droll to the point of laughing only at his own jokes. Little nuggets of wisdom trip off his tongue; he certainly gives the impression of being less scatterbrained and more cerebral than your average English professor. Attendance is mandatory, but participation is voluntary: you can vegetate in the hot-tub with impunity. Aside from not learning much of anything, getting very little exercise, having to haul ass to the bottom of Dodge fairly early in the morning, and the necessity of wrestling with lockers etc., what’s not to like? You even get to pass your swim test, I think.

Nov 2003

The other guy who put a review up is right. This class is awsome. You dont really even have to do the sit-ups and stretches. Also, gordon is hilarious and very agreeable with just about anything, even showing up 15 minutes late to a 50 minute class or spending most of your time in the hot tub! On top of everything, it is the most energizing class. After my diving-sauna morning i feel great and ready to sieze the day (this is saying alot for my lazy ass).

Nov 2002

Why haven't you taken this class yet? I don't get it, the guy teaches perhaps the best class offered at Columbia--P.E. Diving--and no one's written a review. It's a simple formula, you jump off a diving board for an hour twice a week and get credit for it, and Gordon's awesome! He has a fantastic humor, poking fun at you and your classmates with a dry deadpan wit in a way that is never intimidating, only hilarious (pray you're not on the board when he cracks a joke because you may fall in as laughter takes control of your body). I will confess to sometimes wondering whether or not he's high, occasional manic fits and exclamations that may or may not have anything to do with what's going on in class. He's been known to use the term "troglodyte" in reference to one older professor who swims laps during our class. You have not truly lived until you've heard Gordon Spencer's impression of a troglodyte....oh, and did I mention "hot tub?"