James Fei

Dec 2002

I took the class with James and Brad, but I think James is the one who'll be teaching the classes in the future...He's the man. He knows anything and everything about computer music, and he'll show you how to do weird-ass things that you never thought were possible. And he will only get better in the future. He made the pain-in-the-ass walk to 125th St. (the class is in Prentis) well worth it. TAKE THIS CLASS. It should be required.

Nov 2002

James Fei is the real genius behind MIDI production. He's not just a mad scientist, but he's funny as hell and really, really knows his shit on the computer. He might get stuck in class trying to debug some wierd aspect of the sequencer, but he can show you how to do musical tricks you had no idea existed. Plus he could make you sound like Mariah Carey but then he would have to quit for moral reasons. MIDI class is the bomb, here's a fat A, but only if you play with really cool and expensive musical toys, and push your creativity. Again, don't believe the hype, Garton may be the tenured prof, but Fei is the one with the modern computer abilities.