Hsiao Juei-Chen

Dec 2004

Wonderful!!! Loved the class and the teacher. She smiles and is so peppy every day. The class is hard. There are daily quizzes, a little homework, tests, oral exams, a final, etc. but do not worry about the teacher. She is so helpful in and out of class. I went after her office hours and she still helped with questions. If you're unsure about the teacher, just sit in her class on the first day. She's great!!!

Nov 2004

This woman is like.. the nicest woman you'll ever meet in your entire life! The class was relatively small (about 8 no more than 10) -- night class (i guess that's why). Because of the small class size, it makes it easier to understand the work if you're a non-native speaker with no background. She gives daily quizzes of 10 dictations, in which you will have to write the Chinese characters, but it's not soo bad. Our class literally kept getting 4/10's, but she gives extra credit work, like e-mailing a penpal over in Taiwan, but you have to e-mail in Chinese, only the characters you know, as long as it's in Chinese, everything is A-OK. She likes to make jokes, so its makes the class interesting. She uses games to help students remember characters and meanings. -- She's just so wonderful, I hope to have her for my remaining three semesters of Chinese :)