Jefferson Gatrall

Feb 2003

Jeff represents that rare breed of novice instructor who can let students drive discussion while not letting the important points of the material pass by unremarked. He offers just enough guidance and historical background information to keep classes organized and on-track, and his leadership of class discussions and small-group textual analysis is superb. Outside of class, Jeff requires students to post on the class discussion board on Courseworks, which allows for coverage of things that might otherwise get overlooked as well as discussion of different aspects of the material. He provides extensive feedback, both verbal and written, on essays and always goes out of his way to make sure students get the most out of his course. Professor quality makes all the difference for a class like CC, so thank the fates if Jeff's name shows up on your schedule.

Nov 2002

Actually, Jeff is a pretty good CC teacher. He puts a great deal of effort into the class, he knows a lot, and he makes often boring subject matter more interesting than it might have been. He's a strict but fair grader. The only problem is, he wants us to do A LOT of work. Readings, even between a Monday and Wednesday, can run close to 200 pages and are never much less than 130. But if you enjoy CC, you can really learn so much through this guy.