Eugene Rice

Feb 2005

Just looking at this man will make you smarter. Simply put, he is brilliant. Sure, he is getting on in years, but his mind is as sharp as ever. The class was a lot of reading, but I suppose it wasn't necessary to do it all. Professor Rice gave excellent overviews of the texts, and his entusiasm (sometimes he gets really excited) and accent are charming. While guidance on the papers is nonexistent ("write a paper on Hobbes...") and grading can be subjective, once you know what he wants you'll be set. The miderm and final were deceptive in their simplicity, and the information required (especially for the final) was pretty specific, but I think everyone held their own. Don't try to take his class because the other reviews say he is an easy grader---that's an easy attitude to take if you're getting As, but I can assure you that most of the class definitely did not do as well as they were expecting. As a side note, Professor Rice is clearly one of the most dedicated individuals at this school. Anyone who is teaching into his 80s must really love it. If you dislike him, its most likely your problem, not his.

Nov 2004

What a yawn. Professor Rice obviously knows the material because hes taught it for about a thousand years. He doesn't believe students have anything new or valuable they themselves can discover from the texts, and hence spends his time blathering on about his own ideas and favorite points. His grading was completely arbitrary, focusing much more on "good english" than any ideas (again, becasue what would YOU as a lowly student ever discover). Avoid this 2 hour snooze if possible.

Dec 2003

Professor Rice is by far the best professor you can take CC with. Unfortunately you don't get to pick your professor, but consider yourself lucky if you get him. He is a very kind man. He goes over the readings' main points thoroughly (which means the readings can be simply skimmed.) He will add many sidenotes to the lectures concerning the readings that make the class all the more enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Nov 2003

Professor Rice is incredibly insightful and (gasp) a real professor, who actually enjoys hearing his students express their ideas about each text. Occassionally though, he loses his focus and wanders off into a topic unrelated to the readings. For instance, sometimes he begins to reminisce about his younger days, which either becomes frustrating or wakes up the class (has good jokes). In addition, he lectures using his own published findings, which makes for interesting discussion. The class itself, has better readings than Lit Hum, which challenge one's beliefs and provide a different outlook on religion (like, when you interpret the bible literally). Just read the books, it's worth the time. My only quarrel with Professor Rice is how he grades the papers. Usually, he looks more at technicalities (proofread always!)than content and gives little feedback. However, he is approachable and even provides his home phone number! He's not too fond of technology (states this the 1st day), so I recommend that you do not e-mail him.

Aug 2003

Crochety does not even begin to describe this guy. He, like Bob Dylan, seems to have peaked about 35 years ago. Easy grader though.

Nov 2002

I have nothing against this professor, but then again I don't really have anything for him either. He's definitely a nice old man who gives his students his home phone number and is very willing to talk with students outside of class. He also figures out some way to weasel in the topic of sex into every discussion in class, which is amusing. I didn't find anything too earth-shattering or wonderful about his teaching though...I still fell asleep. But he definitely seems to know his stuff.

Nov 2002

rice is an actual prof. yeah, they do exist, and yeah it makes a huge difference. he's a nice old man who knows his stuff. you'll find that he sometimes goes on tangents about nothing important and whole classes go by where you don't copy down a thing. but when class is good, you learn why he's a prof. doesn't expect original ideas, but expects you to be able to know main themes and the basic. read - even a little - and you'll get a lot out of it. there are 2 papers that are graded on basis of writing and not content so have someone proofread your topic sentances and thesis. EXTREMELY flexible on paper due dates and willing to talk to anyone about their paper topics in and out of class. plus, he's a prof. at oxford so all of you wannabe oxford-cambridge students, get in this class and get a good recommendation.