Suzanne Laizik

Nov 2007

Without a doubt an amazing class, Ms. Laizik was very knowledgable, considerate, and easy going (she had no problem pushing back deadlines). Her insights on the texts were very original and in-depth, and she's definitely helped improve my essay writing. She is also a very available person, you can speak to her during office hours about anything, whether its about an essay or just to compare the texts to other books you've read. She's the way to go for First year english.

Nov 2005

Ms. Laizik was one of my favorite professors this semester. She has a great understanding of all of the readings that we did, does not give busy work, and facilitates good class discussion. She does not give any quizzes or tests as long as discussions in class show people are reading (she didn't give any during the time I took her class). She is extremely understanding about moving deadlines if people are feeling overwhelmed and giving extensions, and she's extraordinarily nice.

Aug 2004

Suzanne really helped me with my writing. She went over all my papers several times and gave me helpful feedback. She even read on e of my papers for another class. If you take her class go see her during offices hours. She's really nice.

Oct 2003

Much better second term. She started connecting the books together and bringing up repeating themes, which made the classes more interesting. The discussion got better, too, because she let the class direct it more, though one or two people in the class always talked endlessly and she could have cut them off sooner.

Dec 2002

Laizik's not so bad. Her class is extremely boring, though. The conversations rarely get anywhere, and when they seem about to, she pulls it back to her own agenda, which isn't so exciting. She's pretty smart, just not great at leading discussions. Nice lady. Wouldn't recommend her, though.

Nov 2002

Wow. This woman is ridiculous. Not only does she seem to do everything within her power to derail class discussion but she is truly incapable of drawing anything of worth from the best books in the western canon. This woman is truly a horrible lecturer - unless you're really just looking for an easy grader, do not take her section