Sarah Labarge

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2003

And you thought L&R was going to be the worst class you've took! Ms Labarge (who later told us to call her Sarah when the semester was done) is friendly, good-humoured and very thorough in her comments. The class atmosphere was relaxed and intellectually engaging, perfect for a complusory class no-one appreciates till after the semester is done. Discussions are free-flowing, though Ms Labarge does allow some over-enthusiastic students to rant off-topic sometimes. Do your homework, constantly revise your drafts and follow her advice ... it works! Don't look for easy As though, they are few and far between unless you are a natural writer, but thats what L and R is all about anyway.

Jan 2003

I agree whole-heartedly with the other reviewer. Sarah made L&R enjoyable and rewarding. She returned essays with a lot of constructive criticism, which really helped me develop as a writer and thinker. Thank the powers that be if you get her.

Nov 2002

Labarge has been one of my best teachers this term. She is incredibly nice, approachable in and out of class, promotes class discussion with intelligence. Her Canadian pride comes through at least once a class, and you'll have fun, whether you get involved in class conversation, or you sit on the sidelines and watch her prompt other students through raging dabates over political issues large and small. My writing has improved ten times over because of her class. She's a grad student in creative writing now, and i can't wait till she finally publishes something. WARNING: If you prefer being told what to do specifically, you might not enjoy yourself, because Labarge does tend to assign more "creative" paper topics. I personally enjoy the class more because of the freedom she allows.