Aurora Penades

Nov 2004

How did this woman even get a job? She must be working for free because she is, hands down, one of the stupidest persons I have ever encountered.

Dec 2002

Oh god. I couldn't even tell you what we do in this class on a daily basis -- we spend more time split up into groups than she does teaching. She gives us quizzes on the short readings in the book along with the questions beforehand (taken straight from the book). Says she isn't going to quiz us on grammar because "it will be on the midterm [and the final]". Maybe we've spent a total of three classes the whole semester on grammar (if that, and barely even full classes), and when we ask her if we can actually go over grammar she just ignores it. It's no wonder when she randomly calls on you in class you can't answer her in spanish. To frustrate matters further she speaks "Spain" type Spanish ("s"="th") so she's hard to understand half the time... even when you're paying attention (which I rarely do anymore). Everything I've learned in that class -- very little -- I've learned on my own. And I've given up the initiative even to do that. I took Spanish as an elective -- not to fulfill a requirement --because I wanted to learn the language and I've lost all desire to do so thanks to this class, which I'm now P/D/Fing. And yes, just like the previous reviewer, I think my already horrible Spanish has just gotten worse after this class.

Nov 2002

run, do not walk, away from taking this class with this instructor. although a nice enough (if not ridiculously boring) person, this woman has ZERO idea of how to conduct a class. assigments are generally pointless, and she never has anything prepared for class- she relies solely on the textbook for teaching, which means one needn't bother going to class AT ALL. additionally, she not only permits speaking english in class, but promotes it. stupid class-- my spanish, i'm quite certain, has deteriorated with this teacher.