Natalia Ermolaev

Mar 2003

I love Natalia! I already knew going on that I was a Russian Area Studies major, but Russian 1 with her only further cemented my love for Russian language. Although she's just a graduate student and not a professor, I wouldn't want to be taught by anyone else. On that note, don't get stuck with her roommate Rebecca... she'll make you hate the language!

Nov 2002

O Natalia, how do I love thee? You made 10 am classes a daily joy, and you seduced a diehard pre-med into the Slavic Department.... Natalia is a graduate student, but she acts more like an encouraging older sister. Her English is perfectly American (I'm pretty sure she grew up here), but her Russian sounds equally authentic. In the rare non-Russian-related discussion, she betrays a hip, with-it nature. Russian profs are always cheerful, it seems, but Natalia even laughs at students' lame jokes!