Delphine Renaut

Mar 2004

i really enjoy delphine's classes. she is very laidback and understanding, and patient with students such as myself who have no background whatsoever in french. she is enthusiastic and clearly knows french well (not just because she is a native speaker...after all, how many native english speakers don't know english well?). i would highly recommend her. the workload is incredibly manageable, and delphine is a great teacher.

Nov 2002

While she seemed like a genuinely kind young woman, Delphine was utterly unable to teach. She regularly arrives to class late - usually between 5 - 20 minutes - claiming that she took the wrong train. Her comprehension of English is questionable, thus she was unable to help those students with serious problems with their French. While she would make students repeat words until they pronounced them correctly, there was virtually no discussion in class because she never presented questions. Her instruction of the grammar was nothing more than copying the text onto the board. In all honesty, I feel like I've lost a lot of my ability in French this semester. (I'm a first year and I took French from an amazing teacher in high school.)