Ilana Feldman

Feb 2003

I have no clue what the other person is talking about. i thought that she was a nice person, yeah, but she had no clue what she was doing. i felt like i had a stronger grasp of the material than she did. im sure she's smart but what's a Ph.D in archaeology doing teaching a poli sci/philosophy course? she only steered the discussion back on track only after a 30 min debate on the rights of animals. i was bored out of my mind, but come paper time, she expected a lot. the tests were really easy, though. if you want to get by this class with a decent grade, take her, but if you actually want to learn try someone more experienced.

Dec 2002

Professor Feldman is nothing special, but not that bad either. She's incredibly intelligent, well-read, and kind, but perhaps she's still getting used to the whole "teaching" thing. To get on her good side, talk a lot, but don't say anything too radical. She will steer a discussion back on track when it diverges too much from what she wants to cover. The only really bad parts of the class were the 10 response papers and the time she made us come to class on friday .