Sean McNeal

Aug 2004

Having had him for a full year, I suggest you try your best to avoid this class. Upside to it: yes, the work is minimal. You don't really have to participate, he doesn't care if you do, and you only read and write the normal amounts. However, his complete discomfort and nervousness in front of a class is painful to watch. He turns red and is shaky whenever having to speak, and if there is a dominant student in the class, the two hours quickly turns into a runaway train that Sean cannot control. Also beware of having your own opinions in your paper....if he does not agree with you he will mark you down a letter grade without any other justification.

Dec 2002

Sean is probably not the best lit hum teacher you can get, but he is still GREAT. He doesn't assign any extra reading, and he is always prepared with structured discussion questions (he spends the first hour allowing the class to discuss the works in general, then breaks out with the discussion questions for the second half). The discussion questions are a little obvious, and sometimes he hints at the "right" answers...also a little obvious. But Sean's got a great sense of humor, and even though he has only taught lit hum twice he knows what he's doing. Congrats if you get him.