Deborah Valenze

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Apr 2020

Professor Valenze is very sweet, however I found her class to be quite boring. The first lecture of the semester half the class was asleep. That was just a sign of things to come. The readings were extremely difficult to get through. I put in minimal effort and received a B+. Don't exactly recommend.

Jan 2020

I LOVE PROF VALENZE!!! Sweetest lady in the whole world, really great at initiating seminar discussion, and a very kind grader!!! So smart and helpful, and made topics that seemed superficially boring very interesting. Good and painless way to fulfill a history seminar! Highly recommend. Also good snax !! she literally brought us magnolia cupcakes for the last day i only have the most amazing things to say she is also a snazzy dresser

Jan 2014

An excellent, easy survey class. I would highly recommend it as an easy, interesting A for anyone looking to fulfill their history requirement. The only stipulation is do not take it with Ivano del Prete; he is an adjunct professor who is pretty much impossible to understand due to his thick Italian accent. If you take it with Valenze, you're in good hands; just show up to class and write everything she says (as in don't do the reading except the books for discussion section); then study it the night before and you'll get an A. You have to do the book reading for discussion section though. If you have the misfortune of taking it with Ivano, just do the readings and you should be fine.

Dec 2010

There are some classes that are really easy, and then there is this class. If you ever took a European History class on the HS level, you will fly through this course. I'd say this was an easy version of AP Euro. It is pretty entertaining how serious some people took this class considering all the knowledge is so basic. Class is very optional, assuming you have a computer to help you fill in the study guide for the midterm. There were 5, 1 page reviews of readings--which are easy, 1 midterm with a comprehensive study guide so you knew exactly what was on the Essay midterm. And then an in-class essay final that she gave to the whole class before hand. So if you want to get a B+ and put in minimal work, this is a great class.

Jan 2009

For a survey class that had to cover hundreds of years of history in one semester, this course did a pretty good job. If you already know a lot about European history, get ready for some repetition—a lot of the information is very basic, as you would expect from a survey course—but there are plenty of interesting anecdotes to keep you entertained. I'd especially recommend this course for anyone looking for an enjoyable, relatively easy way to fulfill the premodern or Euro requirements of the history major—this class definitely will not stress you out. Professor Valenze is very approachable and enthusiastic about the subject matter, and she goes above and beyond to spice up her lectures and keep the workload manageable.

Dec 2008

Professor Valenze is a very nice, approachable professor who has alot of knowledge about Euro History. I went to lecture only twice the whole semester and got a B. Pretty much, if you just do the readings and attend your TA sessions, you'll be fine.

Aug 2007

An interesting seminar that goes a little too in depth on some topics that are just simply boring. Professor Valenze is a really nice lady who genuinely cares about the history of food and globalization of food etc. However, some of the topics are a bit over kill. Nevertheless, it is an easy way to fulfill a history seminar and a rather painless class. Meets once a week and you get snacks in every class. Make sure to speak up and she will really appreciate it.

Dec 2006

She's so nice, definitely in her own world sometimes, but then you remember she's an accomplished & published historian, and it's all okay! She would go off topic, so we would miss some material that I would've liked to have covered. She sometimes calls on people to answer questions...but it's a huge lecture, so it's really weird. Her workload isn't bad, she's maybe the nicest woman alive, and she's incredibly smart (although she does have her moments...) You won't be riveted to your chair by her lectures, but it's definitely a good intro course and serves its purpose. However, the TA's do all the grading which is super frustrating because she doesn't really look at the papers or tests, and I personally like it when the accomplished historian atleast has some say in my grade...Overall, I recommend this class for sure, just don't go in looking to be spellbound by the glory of a famous woman ain't gonna happen.

Jan 2006

Professor Valenze is a great teacher. The lectures can get a little boring, but not unbearably so. She is nice about things like missed lectures or lost papers and loves chatting with her students. Her exams are easy if you pay attention to the lectures.

Nov 2005

At the beginning of the term I felt lost b/c the midterm was late and I didn't really know how in depth will go into the material and how much would I have to cover for the midterm, but after the the midterm I realized that we are not going into the small details. Personally, although we didnt interact much, I just love prof. Valenze. She is knowledgeable, kind and it seems that she really likes what she is teaching. You can do well with out the lectures, but they are recommended.

Mar 2004

I really liked Valenze and would take another class from her in the future. I generally agree with what the other reviewers have said. She gives helpful handouts before the midterm and final, if you study those you're homefree. I attended lecture for about half the semester, but when I realized how little indepth we were going into the material, I stopped going & just read the textbook and managed an A- in the class. The additional readings are a complete waste of time, but discussion section were interesting. Ryan Jones was an awesome (and HOT) TA, so if he's still there sign up for him... I recommend the class. It fills the history requirement, and I learned a lot about European History...

Dec 2003

I really liked Prof. Valenze a lot, and if i had done a little reading throughout the semester, this class would have been really easy. Just by its nature as a survey course, the class is very broad and general. Nevertheless, Valenze was really interesting, and had new ideas about the time period. She also seemed to be a very nice woman, and her TAs were great.

Dec 2003

The class is true to its reputation of being fairly easy. Do yourself a favor, Do NOT go to lecture, as it is unorganized and boring. Use the lecture time to do the readings. GO to DISCUSSION SECTIONS where the real learning is done. Cite the readings in your exams--know the main ideas of each author. Take it from someone who did little to no reading and got an A- in the class.

Sep 2003

Coming right out of high school, this is a great class for anyone who did AP Euro. Prof Valenze is just a cute little woman who is easygoing with the class and the workload. One really has no need to attend the lectures, and the book readings need only skimming. However, as one who rarely attended lecture, the textbook is a godsend. Use it to fill out the review sheets that Prof hands out in order to prepare for midterm and final. This can be an easy class, and a good starter into a history major.

Feb 2003

Probably the easiest class I have ever taken [and easier than AP Euro Hist]. The reading is simple, and Valenze's lectures are usually unimportant and sometimes on very silly topics like eating habits. If you want an easy start to your history major, or just an easy class [especially if you have some knowledge of the subject], I highly recommend this class. The subject matter is interesting [to me], and the class was easy - win-win. FYI - her cutesy jokes make the Barnard girls go wild...

Dec 2002

Professor Valenze is a kind professor attempting to cover 300 years of pretty intensely packed history. You get what you sign up for in this class. Relatively easy survey of lots of important European history. The class can be dry and unorganized at times, leaving one's attention wandering. All in all, not terrible, and certainly not Prof. Valenze's fault. She seems quite knowledgable, but the format of the course does not really allow her to expand on many events. History majors taking the course may find themselves somewhat bored.