Patricia Laurence

Jan 2003

Who's calling her a professor? The woman is an instructor from all we could tell. She's nice, but not entirely competent. She seemed as though she'd only read select portions of the books because we'd only focus on one or two aspects of each work in class. The class is painfully slow and boring, a good percentage of the fell asleep everyday. She told us she was going to back for second semester, and then, all of a sudden, on the last day of class, she announced she wasn't returning because she wanted to pursue other interests. The major upside of the class was that the work wasn't hard; only three papers and no weekly assignments.

Dec 2002

Professor Laurence is a very nice professor who does not quiz, and does not give any written assignments. She gives 3 papers and grades them pretty harshly. She could talk a little more about details because her lectures are kind of vague. Overall, she is very nice and not hard