Xiaoqing Li

May 2006

I really don't know what to say, she most definitely doesn't speak the language. You won't actually learn the math in her class, you'll just frantically take notes and try to figure it out later. In comparison with the other math teachers she might be good because you really don't have to show up to class, she curves and she gives a pretty light workload.

Mar 2006

I had taken calculus in high school and had a pretty easy time in calc I with Li. Without too much effort I received an A+ for the class. Now that we are into subjects I had never seen before it's gotten a lot more difficult. She doesn't explain things all that well, and what she does teach doesn't translate well into a lot of the homework she assigns. She trims the assignments way down from the syllabus, but this semester she decided to only assign the last two problems from each section, which means they're often the weird application problems that go beyond a basic understanding of the concepts. That means if you want to understand and do well on the tests, you have to force yourself to do the unassigned problems for practice which I personally find really hard to do. She has a good curve though--on the first midterm I got a 78 which translated into a low A.

Jan 2006

As someone who despises math, I came into this class very skeptical. Professor Li's english is hard to understand but anything that is important is written on the board. She is a very understanding teacher, easily approachable and grades with a huge curve. Overall, her class was much better than I expected, and I would recommend her if the accent doesn't bother you.

Dec 2005

I really liked Xiaoqing; she was very approachable and friendly in office hours. The workload in her class is reasonable, with homeworks due on one day each week. Her midterms aren't too hard and very reasonable--you won't find random problems nor will you find problems about theorems, etc (the exception being a harder-than- expected final which had some unexpected types of problems). Webworks is optional, but very helpful in preparation for midterms. She's not a native English speaker, but I really found no problems with understanding her. If you ask her to go over something in class, she will, and she will also repeat things if you don't catch them the first time. She also grades on a nice curve. I definitely recommend her class.

Dec 2005

DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS IF YOU HAVE NEVER HAD CALCULUS BEFORE. As one of the fifteen out of nearly one hundred twenty students who had never taken calculus before, this class was a nightmare. There are tons of kids who flood the class for an easy 'A' after having recieved 5's on the AP Calculus tests. Her teaching is comprised of a few extremely easy examples, and then the homework goes on to cover only the most difficult problems. Her tests are the same way. People were crying during the final. If you've already taken this math course and wish to be a curve-ruiner, by all means take this class. If you're a poor soul who took AP Statistics in high school, avoid this class like the plague.

Nov 2005

Okay, Xiaoqing Li isnt that bad of a teacher. She teaches quite well only if you have taken calculus before. If you haven't, just read through the textbook and you should be fine or go to her offcie hours. She's very willing to help. I recommend taking Calc I with her only because the Math Department is comprised with many professors that have heavy accents. Xiaoqing Li does have an accent but it's light. Also I recommend sitting in the fron to listen to her close for she does speak low at times. Other than that, she's not bad at all.

Jan 2005

This class so great for someone who has already taken some calc in high school. The prof is a little hard to understand because she speaks softly and has an accent. However the course load is wonderful. There are weekly homework assignments, and a small set of webwork questions that are not due until the last day of the semester. Additionally the prof doesn't put the hard material on the tests (no proofs/related rates/weird thereums). The curve is very nice, as long as you don't mind learning the material from the textbook. The prof is really nice and is always willing to answer questions. The only problem is that some find it difficult to communicate with her.

Dec 2004

I had a very hard time with this class. I think I would have had an easier time had I taken it with another professor. The first day of class I got very confused because Professor Li's english isn't that great. After a while of being in the class, I learned to understand her, but the damage was already done. Since I had a very hard time in the beginning, it was very hard for me to catch up. Professor Li's lecturing didn't help at all. The lectures were all rushed and she writes extremely fast on the board. When she's doing an example on the board, she skips steps and assumes that all of the students know how she got from one step to the next. If somebody asks her about it, she will try to explain it, but for me the explanation was always hazy at best until one of my peers explained it to me. Professor Li wasn't all bad, though. She was approachable and if we needed extra help, she encouraged us to visit her during office hours or to at least go the the Calculus Help Room at Barnard. The midterms weren't that bad...they were short and to the point and students could get partial credit on all questions if they show how they arrive at their answers. The same goes for the final. She also grades on a HUGE curve. Be that as it may, I still say that I would have had a better time with the class if I had a different professor. I would have learned the material better, and I would have gotten a higher grade. I'm a Statistics major, and I have to pass Calculus I and II to get my degree, and I really cut it close with Calculus I. But I've learned my lesson...I'm taking Calculus II with a DIFFERENT professor.

Nov 2004

If you can get past the fact that her english isnt spoken very well, the class is okay. She is really fair when it comes to lightening the workload and the tests were not too bad. She grades a huge curve. The first few days you will definitely be confused because of the language barrier, but after a while you start to pick up on a lot of her phrases. she writes extremely quickly on the board however, and sometimes the lectures are rushed. overall though, the class is not too bad.