Vitaly Chernetsky

Jan 2003

Absolutely fantastic Professor, two great classes, I'd suggest to take anything he teaches! Materpiecesof 20th Century LIterature was taught in Russian, so proficiency or native knowledge of the language is a must. Ukrainian Literature was taught in English, and the readings were available in both Ukrainian and English. The classes were mostly lecture, with a 20 minute discussion at the end, but the lectures were eye-opening. They tend to focus heavily, however, on the authors of the works themselves, so be prepared to find out interesting tid-bits about various literati! The calss itself sometimes seems to lean in the direction of historical information rather thatn discussion of the texts themselves, but the discussion that does happen is usually insighful... besides, you don't want to have this guy stop talking, because he's good at it and obviously knows a lot more than you do!