Seth McCormick

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Sep 2003

As you can surmise from the other reviews Seth provides a pretty solid Art Hum experience, but there are a few things I'd like to add. First, this isn't a class for serious Art History majors; If you're already comfortable analysing Art at a fairly sophisticated level, you'd probably do well to shop around for a different section. But if, like me, you are simultaneously intrigued and mistified by art stick with Seth. He teaches the otherwise unspoken basics of art analysis pretty well and introduces the problems and aspirations each artist was concerned with. That said class was very discussion oriented and (because of Seth's reluctance to take charge of discussions) moved a bit slowly for my taste--in fact we were almost always behind schedule and had to excise Bruegel and Warhol from the class entirely (that's more than two weeks worth of class). You'll notice two other reviewers call Seth their "TA", this brings us to my only real complaint about the course: class often seemed more like a weekly discussion section than a stand-alone seminar. That is, although the insights into each work that Seth provided were very helpful, they were ultimatley piecemeal; he seemed unwilling or unable to present a synthetic account of each artist's work. In the end I acquired the ability to write about art in a precise way (which afterall is what Art Hum is all about). There must be better sections but this one was good enough.

Jul 2003

Seth was really great! Class discussions were always very interesting and engaging. What I loved most was the slow pace of the class. You don't have to do any reading, just go to class. His exams are no surprises either. Everything is straight from class discussions. Seth started off as a tough grader, on the first essay everyone got B or less, but if you went to meet with him or just increased or class participation, essay grades went up automatically too. So don't worry about your grades, Seth wouldn't hurt anyone's GPA. There were people who barely spoke in class, and still they ended up better than most students in other Art Hum sections. So definitely try to make your way in his class!

Jan 2003

Seth is a good teacher- bottom line, I really know the art hum curriculum better than my friends who have had other TAs. There is a lot of classroom discussion, and he subtly guides it where he wants so that we actually learn something instead of just hearing ourselves talk. And, as long as he sees improvement over the semester, he'll give you a good grade. Overall, very happy to have had him as my TA.

Jan 2003

Seth was very green at first (awkward and tense in class), but he loosened up after a few weeks. Relatively slow-moving and big-concept oriented, he taught us the fundamentals without laboring over every work of every artist. Not the most exciting lecturer, but nice enough and knowledgeable. Pay attention in class - all exams and papers can be regurgitated from the discussions. Overall, a good TA who will get better as he grows more comfortable as a teacher.