Chela Bodden

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Aug 2006

I took this class in the summer. There was a ton of reading and a significant amount of essays, but Chela is amazing! She made me love this course! She knows everything you could possibly want to know surrounding Latin American Lit. She has a good personality and isn't someone who is just there to say what she has to say and leave. She listens to you- no question is a dumb question. You can't get an A in this class unless you do the reading. If you re looking for an interesting Major Cultures class, take this class with this prof!

May 2006

Excellent teacher. Enjoys the material. Very active, interested, energetic. Fare grader. Interesting class discussions.

Dec 2005

Chela really promotes discussion excellently in class, encourages active analysis, and doesn't mind getting off-topic if the sidetracking conversation is really interesting. That being said, she doesn't just give grades away like some of the other Latin American Humanities teachers. She really wants you to blab on about any possible connection you can make on the midterm, and she'll give out less than As for not regurgitating enough. Even so, being in a class that makes you want to come discuss texts written about colonialism hundreds of years ago is worth it. If you can't get in, come anyway--she scares a lot of people off the first day.

Jun 2005

Hmm. Seems nice but can be difficult at times. Dont let her smile fool you. Also she almost never talks in english and speaks Spanish so fast that you are like what?? Shes not the WORST prof, but I can name 3 teachers in the Span dept that are miles better off the top of my head.

Aug 2003

when you meet her for the 1st time, she'll intimidate you like crazy. but once a few weeks pass, she'll drop the tyrant behavior and be so friendly and sweet and nice. she's so enthusiastic about teaching and it shows. her tests are diffiult if you don't know your verbs well. you often have to make up sentences yourself on her tests, so even if you know how to congugate the verb you're supposed to, if you dunno how to write some other word. she will take off pts. her fill in the blank paragraphs are also difficult if you dunno alot of spanish vocab. but she's fair. definately an intermediate class.

May 2003

just echoing the previous reviewer. great teacher, encourages class participation, and isn't afraid of debate. also funny, always good humored, creates a great atmosphere in class.

Jan 2003

Yes. that's all I have to say about Chela. She's an amazing teacher that really knows her stuff. Encouraging and never intimidating. you contribute to class discussion as you please, and she is very aware who is contributing, so speak up. You want to be in this class section.