Alan Cameron

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Apr 2005

Here's a class where 1) he translates the passages for you in class 2) the midterm and final exam asks for these given translations (about five or six passages of about 10-15 lines each.) 3) there are a few underlined parts where he asks you the syntax or the clever joke that Ovid (and Professor Cameron) would think you'd appreciate. Go to the TA sections on Friday. He gives quizzes too though he tells you what lines he will ask you to translate. And you can get the general idea of the Ovidian story if you look it up in Perseus, but if you're smart, you'll go to class and get the translations right then and there instead of trying to look up every single Latin word in the dictionary and figure out the syntax on your own. It's nice if you've worked the translation but just because you know what it means, it won't go far to impress Professor Cameron. He'll appreciate it only when he asks if anyone knows what a certain word means and all there is is dead silence.

Jan 2005

Prof. Cameron leads a delightful class. I don't recommend any of his classes for a die-hard grammarian but if you are looking for a chance to enjoy Latin (instead of memorizing it) his class is right for you. His knowledge of the field is amazing and he is more than willing to share. You will leave his class with a greater appreciation for classics and classicists, even if you still don't understand the gerundive.

Dec 2004

This guy was awesome. He'll stroll in five minutes late every day, translate Ovid all by himself (just copy it all down), and go off on the most random and hilarious tangents about topics ranging from "those sexy nymphs" to Roman penis broaches to stories about Ovid's personal life. He could've retired years ago, but it's clear that he continues working here because he absolutely loves Ovid, and he wants you to love him, too. What more could you want?

Dec 2004

Cameron is a decent professor. There is no doubt that he knows a lot about Roman historiography and Tacitus. We read pretty slowly in class from the Histories and the Annals. Our class decided when we wanted the midterm which wasn't hard. The bad thing about Cameron is that he is hard to get in touch with and he wasn't specific about what he wanted from us on our final paper. He is a nice guy though and funny at times.

Nov 2003

Great Professor. He is an adorable old man who strolls in a few minutes late with a jug of orange juice and is as sweet as can be. He reads most of the translations to you in class so you dont really have to do any homework or translate on your own. Hes quirky and entertaining too, especially about sexual content in Ovid. Definately take a class with him.

Jan 2003

Fun class. Cameron goes off on very interesting tangents. Classes are spent translating together. Dont really learn anything with him--learn grammar during Friday section with TA. Recommend the class to anyone looking for a light Latin literature class.