Sherry Ortner

Aug 2004

Sherry Ortner comes from a long line of anthropological tradition at Columbia (schooled by Clifford Geertz, etc.). She tried to cram in all sorts of readings. This class had nothing to do really with "ethnography" in any central way at all. Most of the readings were attempts to understand the breadth of ethnographic subjects. A lot of reading, most of which you don't have to do. Some of the reading is extremely interesting, others rather dull and purposeless.

Jan 2003

I agree with the previous reviewer - stay away at ALL costs! Run, don't walk, from this self-important, uninteresting woman! Her entire workload consists of her own writings which rarely relate in any way to the class itself. STAY AWAY!

Jan 2003

If you need a haircut, skip the salon and take a class with Ortner instead. She'll have you pulling your hair out with exasperation. Her lectures consist of her referencing herself and her articles in 3rd person "As in the Ortner article...." or "according to Ortner...". When asked any intelligent question, you'll get a deer-in-headlights look and a random sentence about her research with the Sherpa people. The other professor (Tally Kampen) who shared the teaching would have to intervene and correct her during lecture. Avoid this woman's presence in the classroom at all costs. It seems the only name she can remember is her own.