Sandrine Bertaux

Apr 2003

I think the first review was unfair, not to mention totally inappropriate, with comments like "she grades like the French." There is no need to pick on someone's nationality just because her accent makes it obvious. Dr. Bertaux's teaching isn't the best. The questions she asks to start discussion are not very provocative and usually are "summary questions," such as, "What does **** mean in this book?" However, I think this is excusable for someone who hasn't had much university teaching experience--she and her paper topics have definitely gotten better over the past year. On a broader level, she is obviously quite intelligent, which is not true for all of the core instructors I've had. She is tolerant of student defects, such as procrastination and habitual lateness, but she nonetheless emphasizes the importance of being on time. Probably the best thing about Dr. Bertaux is that she is sympathetic, willing to help you through tough assignments or discuss personal issues you might have--and while many CC teachers ignore the money available for cultural events, she has spent a lot of energy finding events that we might be interested in.

Jan 2003

She is ridiculous! Her questions, or comments, offered little or no room for class discussion. Once in a while we seemed to manage an interesting discussion only to have her bring us back to another question that lead nowhere. She grades like the French, so if you aren't flexible in your writing, familiar with the French manner of writing or just a genius, you can pretty much forget about doing very well. Her French accent is cute, though, if you like accents!