Trish Sheffield

Jan 2006

I have taken two classes with Prof Sheffield. The second class was a larger seminar which unfortunately felt more like a lecture half of the time. The large amount of bg that she tried to cram into our sessions interrupted her and our flow of conversation. However, she is still a great professor! I loved Fem Texts I. I am not sure if she will be back to Columbia... sad.

Jun 2005

As the previous reviewer noted, Trish is definitely not afraid to share her own opinions. Often the class would go something like this: Trish says something, student says something, Trish responds, different student says something, Trish says something, student, Trish . . . You get the picture. Instead of helping students find their own way in the texts, Trish, in great detail, explains her views and opinions. As a person, Trish is extremely kind, open, and lovely. But as a teacher she leaves something to be desired: spoonfeeding you information rather than inspiring individual thought and reflection. The syllabus was fine - some interesting novels and other works and some old standards. But the pace is rather slow. If you have little to no experience with feminist works then this class would be a pleasant introduction. But if you have more experience or want a more rigorous class take Feminist Texts with someone else.

Nov 2004

Trish, as she has you call her, is a interesting and interested professor. She has good knowledge of a whole spectrum of feminist thought, and is able to integrate her knowledge into the class discussion. She runs the class very interactively, and no one is afraid to share their opinions, including her. Trish also adds a lot of interesting literature to the flexible syllabus and takes away some of the more dry theory, which is a lot of fun. I felt like this class was a 2 hour bright spot in my week -- definitely recommended. ps Trish also makes sure to have a dinner at her house for the small class. good times!