Michael Cheng

Jan 2007

I firmly disagree with the assessments by earlier students. I suspect that they were disgruntled with their grades on homework assignments, and I would encourage them to spend more time working on future assignments rather than complaining on this forum. Michael Cheng was solely responsible for the survival of a number of students in Professor Christ's 2800 class. He was always meticulously prepared for discussion sections, and he went out of his way to provide extra preparatory measures for the final exam. He is readily comprehensible and will take time to explain things thoroughly in discussion sections. Furthermore, he's a serious threat on the squash court.

Apr 2003

If I ran the physics department this kid would be fired on day one. This TA is just another reflection of the ineptitude and complacency that is commonplace in our second rate physics department.

Jan 2003

TA for Frank Scuilli's c1401. Absolutely worhtless TA! All he had to do was grade problem sets and he couldn't even do that properly.