Erik Goldner

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2005

This French historian extraordinare leads a rather interesting CC class. More often than not, it was fun to go and largely student run. Erik can be rather political, so if you are taking his class in Fall 2008, expect some current politics on top of Plato's. Erik grades papers harder than most, but he also writes out a big critique for you aside from his comments throughout the paper. All in all, be happy if you are in Erik's class. I'm not sure what grades most people got in the class, but I don't think he is much of a g.p.a. sinker (if that's a huge concern for you overachiever horse's ass-types.) He also reads his CULPA reviews and refers to them in casual conversation.

Dec 2004

Erik is the type of teacher you wouldn't mind hanging out with--he's laid back and is a bit of a smart ass. Class with him is fun because he is definitely not the lecturing type, so you probably won't be bored in this class. But don't let his laid back attitude fool you; you should still do the readings, and many people find him to be harsh when it comes to grading papers.; just be sure you don't use "interestingly enough" in your paper Still, Erik is a great teacher whose criticisms are helpful, however sometimes scathing they may be.

May 2003

Absolutely wonderful professor--and this is his first time teaching his own class!! He's very laid-back, kind, and always good-natured no matter what students say or do. He obviously cares a lot about every student's growth. His class is very challenging, however--he expects you to read thoroughly and discuss. his essay questions are challenging as well but doable. he has a great understanding of the texts and asks provocative discussion questions. part of why the class was so challenging is because people got really into the discussions and by the end of the year everyone had made a lot of progress. if you're looking for a worthwhile CC experience, get in Erik's section (he'll be teaching again in 2004-5).

Jan 2003

Goldner is an excellent professor. His lectures are clear and well organized and he is clearly invested in every student's success. Everybody should be so lucky as to get such a hip, young, cool, smart, thoughtful and kind CC prof.